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"The seven-year veteran of the police department is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render aid, and driving under the influence.". "Laverde has been suspended with pay ...". Let the punishment inversely fit the crime (Man Says It's "Pretty Messed Up" That Drinking-and-Driving Miami-Dade Police Officer Crashed Into His Father's Car).


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Typical ... cops get a vacation when caught doing wrong (Deputy, police officer under investigation for misconduct).


Dropping MaxBounty for CPA ads. People seem to click on their ads but apparently not interested enough to follow through.


Your tax dollars at work:

A former subcommittee staff director at the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee has been charged with drugging several women and taking advantage of them sexually while they were under the influence of the drugs.

And, of course, doing their god's work (Bel Air youth pastor charged with sexual abuse).


Must be doing his god's work (LDS leader charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a child).


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Real smart. Not only leave a gun out where a kid can get to it but load it, too. (Norfolk father charged after toddler shoots himself)


No update today due to a power outage at the hosting facility.


"A St. Peter Catholic School eighth-grade math teacher is under arrest after police say he hid pen cameras in a classroom storage closet where students changed clothes, then viewed videos of them undressing." I guess my question is why is a classroom closet used for changing clothes instead of a locker room or a bathroom? Also, when did math classes require a changing of clothes? (Police: DeLand Catholic school teacher made videos of students undressing)


This politician has been a busy, little beaver (Jury resumes deliberations in Orie public corruption case).


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Possibly dropping AdOnion for advertising.


Jail the cop and fire the judge (Crooked ex-cop dodges jail with sob story)(Disgraced thief-cop gets a break: No jail time).


Trying out AdPolar for advertising revenue.


What's next, Chief? Hire a pedophile as a youth counselor? (New Mashpee officer hired despite past)


A vote for Palin is a vote for the Apocalypse.


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Troops coming back from Iraq? My opinion is I would not count on it. The US government will claim Libya needs law and order and relocate the returning troops to there. Otherwise the returning troops will add to the number of unemployed in the US.

Another option is declaring war on Iran and sending those troops there.


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An opinion: Obama is the black Bush

Let us examine his actions in office:

He bails out large companies instead of helping US taxpayers

He uses healthcare to divert people's attention from the wars

He continues the wars with two third-world countries that the US will never win and is starting a war with a third third-world country

Continued installation of puppet governments in third world countries

The death of "bin Laden"


We expect to see more foolishness:

Illegal immigrants will be given US citizenship in an effort to prop up Social Security funds

This prop up will be counteracted by welfare/food stamp/unemployment programs enrollments of the new citizens

More non-winable wars to come in an effort to try to stir up the economy

A new evil villian to take the place of bin Laden


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We gave Clicksor a chance but they failed us twice.


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If you want to stop cop crimes then hand them real punishments (Sex and the highway: Was traffic ticket fixed for love?, Va. Beach officer goes to jail, but keeps pension).


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Removed NeverBlue advertising from the site. No one ever clicked on their ads.

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How dare they put a dog's health at risk like that (Officers Caught in Nasty Dog-Licking Scandal).

If she treats people she knows like this then how does she treat strangers (Deputy charged with attacking boyfriend)?


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Dumping Direct Media Exchange for advertising income.


The winter storm has hit us hard with multiple power outages and our ISPs having connection issues of their own. We are still alive and well updating the site as best we can.


This took three years (Chicago Police Board fires cop in bartender attack)?


Nice way to educate the young ones (Kenston schools official indicted in $130,000 theft from district).


Ah, the delightful world of politics (Miami commissioner Spence-Jones surrenders on grand theft charge, Hamilton, delegate under federal probe, resigns).


More "To Server and Protect" (Police: Deputy Accused Of Stalking Left Explicit Messages, Police say cop held girlfriend at gunpoint).


This guy was hired to protect the community ('Predator' suspect case moved to Panhandle)?


Carrying on gods' work (Pastor accused of natural gas theft)?


Glad we have these people protecting us from the evils of the world (Sheriff enters guilty plea in racketeering case, Anchorage judge is charged with 2nd DUI, Ark. Prison Guard Arrested on Gun, Drug Complaint).

A lesson for the children (Monroe County Schools chief Randy Acevedo found guilty of misconduct).


Good thing we have you to protect us from the terrorists (Ex-CIA investigator pleads guilty to false statements).


To server and protect (Cops Caught on Dashboard Cam Plotting Against Motorist, Former Fort Smith Officer To Remain Terminated, Former GPD officer receives probation for misconduct, Glades deputy who bragged about beatings given 'last chance' deal but subordinates were fired)?


Should have been jailed, not allowed to retire (Alexandria police chief resigns after DUI).


The lord works in mysterious ways ... and apparently is not above embezzlement and insurance fraud (Va. Beach pastor sentenced for stealing $200,000).

Serving and protecting through drinking and driving (Alexandria police chief has no plans to resign). Excellent way of leading by example.


A politician pleads guilty then expects taxpayers to pay his legal bills (Jailed ex-council leader wants Atlantic City to pay legal bills).


With leaders like this who needs enemies(Sources say Cheney hid spy program)?


Our tax dollars at work (Barry's Hiring of Ex-girlfriend Raises Questions, Letters cite admission CIA misled Congress, Serving public, serving time: Ex-congressman finishes federal sentence).

What does the good book say? Love thy neighbor ... (Gainesville Church Displays Anti-Islam Sign)


Cops abusing the public (Officer in punching incident had four complaints in 2007).


Our tax dollars at work (Did Governor Use Tax Money to Finance Affair?, Monroe's tax director taken off payroll).


There's nothing like family (Woman Sentenced For Prostituting Teen Relative).

Doing god's work (Pastor accused of dealing cocaine).


Our tax dollars at work. Paying high salaries to government officials and their girlfriends (Nevada Sen. John Ensign admits affair).


What's wrong with making a little money on the side (Officer intended to sell fake shoes, handbags, NJ mortgage company president guilty in $139M scam, Plainfield cop charged with insurance fraud)?

One more cowardly cop attacks (Ill. Cop Sentenced For Beating Man In Wheelchair). "Cozzi told a judge he "lost it" when he beat Randle Miles in August 2005. Miles was at Norwegian-American Hospital waiting to be treated for a stabbing wound, and police said he was being combative." "In the plea agreement, Cozzi said he placed the man in handcuffs and leg shackles, and then, with the victim restrained, used the sap to repeatedly strike him in the face and body."


Your tax dollars at work (Bank Profits From Accounting Rules Masking Looming Loan Losses, St. Pete Officer Suspended For Cruiser Crashes).


More big, bad cops in the news (Former deputies make bail in beating).

Yay! N.O. You are number one (New Orleans Once Again Nation's Murder Capital).


I bet this big, bad cop feared for his life (Cop Charged In Bar Beating: She Started It).

And why you should not hire politicians relatives to do government work (Daley nephew's bad deal for pensions).


Nothing more manly than a group of cops beating the handcuffed (Guards plead guilty to beating inmate).

We are all for this provided convicted politicians, cops, and judges get similar treatment (Drug dealers could receive 'special' driver's licenses).


Why bother spending money to help the public when you can blow it on new toys that do not work (Police paragliders stuck on ground).

Complete morons who once again renew our opinion that whatever the punishment is for a regular citizen, a cop/lawyer/judge's punishment should be mandatory jail time ten times as long (Two Officers Get a Little Too Friendly).


Government officials do wrong and the taxpayer pays for it (Taxpayers to pay jury award for Paterson mayor).


And these are who are looking after our kids (School police officer accused of stealing as many as 50 identities, Teacher charged with raping boy).


Nice way to protect the public (SEC Attorneys Probed For Insider Trading).

With all of the problems and corruption in the nation's capital and they are worried about tickets to a sports event (DC Council Wants Its Nats Tickets).


Place the blame where it properly belongs. Not on the city but on the police and government employees who park illegally (FOX 5 Investigates: D.C. Parking Wars). If you do not want a ticket then do not park there.


Nice way to balance a budget, require citizens to break the laws (Projected DC Budget Revenue Based On Tickets). And this is a city that wants to become a state?


We are sure its just a coincidence (Report: DoD Paid Murtha's Nephew's Company).

Dropping Google's AdSense since they have decided to disable my account rather than pay me for carrying their advertising. It was not paying much anyway. Paused our AdWords account since it appeared to cost more money then the traffic it generated.

Exploring the use of Twitter and MySpace.


More foolishness from the city that wants to be a state (Chief Reacts to EMT Investigation, Alleged Scandal).


More of god's work in action (Pastor claims he made a “mistake,“ asked God for forgiveness).

And how smart is it to steal from lawyers (State: Oakland woman embezzled $675k from State Bar, spent it on spas, designer clothes)?


How government works (Federal grand jury indicts Rod Blagojevich).


Nice way to serve your commutities (Ex-NY trooper admits he wrote fake traffic tickets, I-Team: Officer Will Be Charged With Attempted Murder, Pastor faces child pornography charges).


The "thin blue line" captured on video (Peoria officers arrested after videotaped beating).


Your tax dollars at work (From Outrage to the Future: Learning From the AIG Bonuses).


Carrying on gods' work (Pastor Accused In Church Arson, Pastor Accused of Forging Dead Woman's Deeds)?


More examples of "To serve and protect" (Rape Trial Begins For Two Iowa Police Officers).


What a tough guy you are (Caught On Tape: Cop Attacks Teen In Cell). Beat up a little girl and needed help to do it.


Don't you feel safe having people like this protecting you (Feds: CIA boss had history of bad behavior)?


Criminals holding court (Pa. Judges Plead Guilty in Cash-for-Kids Corruption Scandal, Judge DeLaughter Arraigned in Bribery Scandal).


More cop stories (Austin Police Officer Arrested On Warrant, FBI: Bibb Deputy Tried To Lure Girl For Sex, Deputies Testify In Juvenile Facility Abuse Case).


An embarrasing day for law enforcement (Sheriff's Deputy Arrested In Prostitution Sting, Fired Spokane officer will get job back, Officer gets probation in hit-and-run case).


Your tax dollar at work (Panel: Bush Admin. Overpaid For Bank Stock).


Serving and protecting (VCU's Police Chief Arrested, Officer Gets Probation In Prostitute Case, PBC school district police officer arrested on burglary, other charges).


Rough times for religious businesses (Documents: Church knew of abuse, Haggard faces more allegations of gay relations).


Men of the cloth (Priest accused of embezzling from Delray Beach parish may be seeking plea deal)? "The priests were arrested by Delray Beach police in 2006, accused of stealing offertory money from St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church. Allegations arose that Skehan - and much later Guinan - had misappropriated more than $8 million over decades."

Maybe god helps those that help themselves to other people's money.


Rough day in politics (New Mexico governor backed down over pay-to-play probe, Democrat Roland Burris blocked from Senate, Ex-Detroit Mayoral Aide Gets 120-Day Jail Sentence).


Held to a different standard (Walton deputy can return to work, Local judge won't face dui charges).


Your tax dollars at work (Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret, SEC fails investors again).


How nice to see that government officials are not hurting during these times of economic turmoil (U.S. Lawmakers Get a Raise).


Your tax dollars at work ... good thing the government stepped in, huh (Taxpayers out billions so far on bank holdings)?


The police have been busy (3 Norfolk police officers indicted, Officer Arrested In Prostitution Case, Creston Cops Accused of Rape Get Change of Venue).


Nothing like making the victims of your crimes pay your lawyer bills (Wilkerson says she can't afford a lawyer).


Someone actually put this guy into office (N.J. Councilman Arrested For Peeing on Crowd)?


Bad day for high school music (Band Director Accused Of Sex With Her Student, Band director resigns after indecent exposure arrest).


Nothing like throwing money away to fools (Fed Grants AIG Additional $37.8 Billion Loan, After Bailout, AIG Execs Head to California Resort, AIG Hid Risky Practices, Documents Show).


Lawmakers and those who enforce the laws seem to think the laws do not apply to them (Maryland State Delegate Charged with Driving Under the Influence, Cop indicted in deadly Thanksgiving DUI crash).


Something has really gone wrong with your religion when your gods require firearms (FBI Agents Raid Ark. Church In Child Porn Case). "Armed guards regularly patrol the headquarters ...". When your holy man is a "convicted tax evader once labeled by prosecutors as a polygamist who preys on girls and women", you may want to rethink your place of worship.


To serve and protect? Seems like this one served herself and protected herself (D.C. Officer Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement).

An interesting turn of events. Treat animals badly and expect the favor returned (Attorneys: Vick was fleeced by his financial advisers).


Your tax dollars at work (Imprisoned ex-official admits plot to kill wife, Ex-Moon High School Teacher Gets Jail For Student Sex, Former Pittston Township secretary sentenced to house arrest).


Business have been busy with scandals (Store Manager Arrested In Slaying, SEC Opens Formal Probe Of Countrywide, FDA: Two local pharmacies sold expired medications).

But, of course, the government takes the prize for protecting your rights (FBI to newspapers: Sorry about your phone records).


I bet you that his defense will be he was doing "research" (LSU police officer investigated).

Odd behavior for a man of the cloth (Evangelist Arrested; Wife's Body Frozen). "has been charged with rape and sodomy in a separate case involving the female relative and could face more charges related to another relative."


Nice job protecting the country ... (Fort Lewis captain pleads guilty, N.J. woman admits Iraqi contract scheme).


This seems right and proper (2 Health Insurers to Pay $13M to Calif. Regulators)? "Both companies denied any wrongdoing ... for dropping patients from coverage when they try to make claims on their health insurance policies."


Disgusting (Feds nab ACS staffers in subsidy scam).


Interesting court defense, "When in Rome ..." (Ex-diplomat: Sex with teens OK in foreign cultures).


Cops ... just crooks with badges ('SPITE' BITE BY TROOPER, Ex-Bpt. cop has shot at being rehire). Lawyers ... more of the same (Former prosecutor sentenced in mortgage theft).


Aren't enough of our tax dollars wasted in wars with two countries? Just how bright do you have to be to see that going to war with a third country is not a smart idea? (U.S. Escalating Covert Operations Against Iran)


Busy day for bad people with badges (2 BSO Deputies Charged In Corruption Probe, Police Chief Charged With Trying To Fix Traffic Ticket, Nye County district attorney cited for DUI after two wrecks).


What a brave man to attack someone in cuffs (Elgin police officer accused in beating resigns).


Yeah ... right (Missouri pastor held for trial on sex charges). "the sex acts were to please God.".


Keeping the U.S. safe ... (Arizona customs officer indicted for human smuggling, Border Patrol agent faces drug charges).


A major storm hit the area last Wednesday. The ScandalTimes offices and our web hoster lost power. We will resume regular article posting on Monday.


This guy should be fired for being part of a coverup, not merely lose a few dollars pay (Causeway cop appeals demotion).

I bet you his god made him do it (Deacon Charged With Lewd Act). "The warm weather seems to expose the issue at the park, and in this case, the apparent secret of a married man with children, a church leader."


While this does not fall within the normal geographic area, we felt it should be shown (Report: Aid Workers Abusing Kids).


And you thought your parenting skills could use improvement (Mom who caged teen son gets 20 years behind bars).


To serve and protect? (Ex-Maywood cop is charged with sexual assault) "West, who was with the Maywood Police Department until March, was charged with 12 felony counts, including rape, assault by a public officer, burglary and multiple counts of sexual assault. All of the alleged crimes occurred while West was in uniform, authorities said."


Nice going protecting the country (Department of Homeland Security Officer Arrested). "Alarid was arrested pursuant to a federal arrest warrant charging him with conspiracy to import a controlled substance and conspiracy to smuggle illegal immigrants."


Nice way to represent the department (Revere mayor fires police sergeant who fled scene of officer's slaying).


What were they thinking? (Food Pantry Director Accused Of Supermarket Shoplifting, Special Counsel's Office Raided By FBI)


Lead by example (Clemson Coaches Avoid Embezzling Charges).


Another sleazebag uses the "society is to blame" defense (Pope blames society for sex scandal). What next? Blame the victims?


Nice way to represent the U.S. (Diplomat Admits Possessing Child Porn, Having Sex With Girls).


File this under "Its good to be the king" (SBI Inquiry Sought in Traffic Stop of Sheriff's Daughter).


Just another day in Politicianville (Brooklyn Assemblywoman Convicted Of Taking Bribes).


Life is tough enough without your relatives ripping you off (Police: Mom Stole 5-Year-Old's Identity).


Our tax dollars at work (Veterans Affairs Employees Spend Billions on Government Credit Cards, Meet Congress' "King Of Pork").


You know you are a loser when you steal from kids (Adelanto mayor resigns in midst of Little League scandal) and you use blackmail to get laid (Former cop allegedly used power to get sex).


These guys should be jailed, not just fired or disciplined (Chief, jail officers among more than 30 disciplined by police board).


I do not know who is the dumber, the mayor for thinking this would never come out or the voters for selling their votes for so cheap (Beach Town Mayor Accused Of Spending $30 To Bribe Voters).


Does anyone else see a pattern here? (N.Y. Gov. Paterson Admits Several Marital Affairs)


Nothing like blaming others for your own screwups (Detroit mayor pressured to resign).


These are the "good" guys? (Commanding Officer Testifies Officers Didn’t yell ‘Police!’, "shooting an unarmed man 50 times")


Been off-line the last couple days due to a nasty storm hitting our facility and killing the power.


It looks like steroids has replace Wheaties as the Breakfast of Champions (Mitchell Report Names Baseball Steroid Users).


There are two types of law in the US. One type for the citizens that must be followed and one type for the government (CIA Destroyed Tapes Despite Court Orders). And, apparently, following it is optional.


Religion at work (Faith tested at Oral Roberts University).

And our tax dollars at work (State grant program not fully accountable).


Nice example for the flock (Sex Scandal Hits Atlanta-Area Megachurch, Jesuits confirm settlement in sex abuse cases, Pastor of Haitian church faces rape charges).

Not to be outdone by your government at work (Miami child abuse cases mishandled, state finds).


Ah yes, your government at work (Cities Eliminate Right to Contest Parking Tickets).

And let us not leave out our communities' finest citizens (Officer charged with drug trafficking, Report: Phoenix motorcycle cop drunk during crash , Officer in indecency case resigns from force, Manatee deputy's wife gets ride at checkpoint).


Nothing like running a business into the ground and walking away rich (CEO walks with $100 million).


(Shots fired outside bar; cop arrested, HPD officer who shot boy failed firearms test) Police are sometimes referred to as "the community's finest". If these are your community's finest citizens, then you are screwed.

(Nifong requests representation in civil suit) Take the maximum possible sentences the players could have received, add them up and give them to Nifong for acting like an ass. People like this will not learn anything from a monetary judgement. They will just pawn the punishment off onto the tax payers and hide behind paper bankruptcies.


Once again, the actions of a few government officials cost the taxpayers (1,443 victims of rigged hiring?).


(Sheriff Defends Office Bugging) "The sheriff said he believes his actions were legal and if he broke the law, he did not intend to." Can someone explain why a person whose job it is to enforce the law does not know the laws he must enforce?


(Officer in Fatal Pa. Crash Fined $25) This is justice? Kill a child and get fined 25$? And since this happened at work the taxpayers will pay the fine.


(Wiretapping Made Simple) We realize that the description of this law may be simplified but a law like this is a violation of US citizen rights and the human rights of those in other countries. The law requires no court, anyone (US citizen or anyone else in the world) is a target of it and the target's location can easily be used as a loophole to allow internal US wiretaps.


(Tape Captures Officer Intimidating Driver) So, how long until the governments make cameras illegal for the citizens but legal only for themselves?


Sorry about the late updates. Had a mishap on our main computer and have been working on that most of the day.


(Officer Arrested in Canine's Death) Throw this fool in jail for the max, fine him the max then send him the bill for the dog.


Love the leadership skills of our politicians (McConnell Says Craig Won't Leave Unless He Fails to Get Plea Withdrawn, Abusing Privilege, Some Details Lacking In Disclosures).


(Ex-Cops To Be Sentenced For Beatings, Corruption, Police Officer Accused of Killing K-9 Partner, Former Deputy Found Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Case) And these are supposed to be the good guys.


Now let's see ... Iraq is accused of having weapons of mass destruction and the US attacks it, so what is the response to the UN actually having nerve gas? (U.N. Weapons Inspectors Find Potentially Hazardous Chemicals) And what does the UN need a weapon like this for if they are supposed to be the "good" guys? And this stuff is stored in the US.


All his money and he does something stupid. But at least he comes clean in the end (Panicked Briggs Initially Reported Car Stolen).


(Border Patrol Chief Rejects Mission Against Aliens, Drugs) "I've said it before and I'll say it again," Carlos X. Carrillo, Border Patrol chief of Laredo, Texas, told guests at a town-hall meeting Thursday. "The Border Patrol's job is not to stop illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol's job is not to stop narcotics. ... The Border Patrol's mission is not to stop criminals. The Border Patrol's mission is to stop terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the country."
Carrillo should be forced to resign (or fired if he refuses) and lose any and all benefits he has or is entitled to. Since he does not believe in stopping the various criminal elements crossing the border then he is not doing his job. He basically is stealing tax money each time he cashes his paycheck.


(Police: Fugitive Pastor Faked Death with Blood-stained Truck, School Board Member Pleads Guilty to Drug Smuggling) Nice job being a role model to the youth.


With all the bad people in the world who wish to do the US harm, why does the government waste resources on those who want peace? (Pentagon to Shut Down Controversial Database)


What's the difference between a cop and a gangster? The cop carries a badge (Former DeKalb Co. Sheriff Confesses to Ordering Hit on Rival).


"The confidential 2006 USCIS report said that despite the severity of the potential security breaches, most are not investigated "due to lack of resources" in the agency's internal affairs department." (U.S. Agents Accused of Aiding Islamist Scheme) Well, don't I just feel safe from the evils of the world. Government employees help the bad guy for personal profit, the place they work for does not really care and the government only discusses it in a report that no one is supposed to see.

And, of course, the city that wants to become a state seems to be ignoring a court ruling (Suit Says District Ignores Lead Tests). Now this city makes good money using its resources to collect money from its citizens (redlight cameras) but when it comes to using resources to protect those citizens (and fulfill its court ordered actions) it blames the system (its system).


Got to love how our tax dollars get spent (Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos, Prison Guard Convicted of FEMA Fraud).


"Municipal officials recently declared Chelsea a sanctuary city ...", (27 Arrested in Identity Fraud Raid) Call it what you want whether it is "no good deed goes unpunished" or just plain karma. When you open your doors to people whose first encounter with the US is to break a law (enter illegally), do not be surprised that this is only the start of their criminal behavior.


(Evidence Against City Officers to Go to State) So who thought that it would be a good idea to give the people, or the organization that employs them, evidence to be used against them.


(Church Funds Mishandled in Abuse Suits) Ever hear of "thou shall not lie"?


It is our opinion that it kind of looks like priests are not the only pedophiles in positions of public trust (Miami-Dade Officer Is Accused Of Lewd Behavior, Police Officer Accused Of Molesting Minor In Patrol Car, Newton Cop Charged with Molestation, et al). But whereas someone who has a real job might get fired for nasty behavior, we have seen that for the most part, officers are given a paid vacation when they break the law.

It is this editor's personal opinion that when a cop, judge, lawyer or lawmaker is caught breaking the law that their punishment should be mandatory jail time ten times longer than if the offender were just a regular citizen. If a citizen is caught breaking a law and pleads ignorance of the law, he is told "ignorance is no excuse." So what excuse does a lawmaker/law upholder have (law is, afterall, their business)? Oh, and the jail time ... none of that separated from the rest of the inmates stuff. You break the law, then experience jail just like everyone else.


I am not sure why this (Did the Geek Squad turn into the 'Peek Squad'?) is a surprise to anyone. A computer is not like a TV, toaster or lawn mower. The latter items contain nothing of interest to anyone else. However, your computer has various software packages, maybe your financial and personal data as well as picture, movies and music. We recommend that you take a course in basic computer fixin' and do it yourself.


Lots of fools in the news today, (Re: Cop Found Guilty of Torching His Car on I-75, City to Marines: You Park, You Pay!, Ex-High School Principal Charged With Sex Crime Cover-Up) but I guess that High School Principal had a really good reason for his actions.


(Re: About Face) Got to love it when someone denies, denies, denies, and then says they did it.


We got lucky today. Many fine examples of hypocrites in high places (Re: Christian Group's President Accused Of Hiring Prostitute, Former State Senator Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case, Former Judge Gets Prison Time for Theft).

(Re: Police Staying Lip-Locked On Mistaken Raid) We find this particular sentence disturbing, "A spokesman said the report is being withheld because the department has been told to expect a lawsuit from two of the residents of the apartment." Are the police planning to re-edit this report if this lawsuit comes forth? Is not a report like this a public document? Even if a law allows this document to not be released, would not an organization that is truly serving the public come forward with the truth?


(Re: Agriculture Department Sent $1.1 Billion in Payments to Dead Farmers) More quality government work.


Ah, yes. Our tax dollars at work (FBI Investigating NBA Ref).


(Re: Man Wrongly Jailed for '97 Attack Sues 11 Cops) We feel that all those involved in this frameup should lose nine years of their lives and pay any financial penalty. The tax payers were not at fault. Let these individuals suffer the punishment they were willing to give to someone else.

(Re: Cop Complaint List Released -- Names Hidden) Any city that has over 600 officers with a substantial number of complaints has a nasty problem. A problem like this should be addressed immediately and openly. Any government official who plays a game with blacked out lists (in other words, coverup) should be terminated immediately.


(Re: Romney's Presidential Campaign Shows Proficiency in Spending as Well as Fundraising) While we have no preference in the presidential candidates or their political parties, we wonder if overspending your campaign budget by millions is a sign of things to come should you actually become president.


(Re: Couple May Lose Home Over $1.63 Tax Bill) We hope that this couple's life perks up soon.


(Re: Costcutting Move to Prosecute Teens as Adults Might Not Save Much) I have no problem in trying a teen as an adult when the crime is bad enough. But trying teens as adults to save money is an abuse of the citizenry.


(Re: Bogus Company Gets Nuke License) Once again, government competence at its finest.


(Re: Former Ore. Lawmaker Yet to Pay Penny of Civil Penalty) Got to love it when the people who made laws ignore them.


Added three new articles to the Parent of the Year section. We swear, we do not understand how these people see what they do as being proper.


(Re: Senate President Doesn't Get Jail Time for DUI) Politicians like this just bring up so many questions. This guy was almost twice the legal limit in alcohol. It is our opinion that a measurement such as that shows that while this is the first time he has been caught breaking the law like this, it is not his first time doing it. We also wonder how often he is passing laws while under the influence. We think that he should be removed from office immediately.


(Re: Child Bitten In 'One Of Worst Abuse Cases') In this case the child was abused by more than just the mother's boyfriend. The mother covered it up and the government ignored it. Personally, we think that whatever punishment the boyfriend gets should also be given to the mother and the child's case worker.


Happy Fourth of July.


(Re: 6th-Grade Teacher Gets 10 Years in Prison for Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy) I would hope that even if a child were big for their age, the fact that they are in a low grade might be a sign that they are a bit young to have a relationship with.


Why do we not print the scandal that is showing up on everyone else's front page? We figure that that scandal has already gotten enough air time. We would much rather bring you more unique scandals from around the country. Maybe if you are lucky (or unlucky) you will see your city highlighted on these pages.


(Re: Ore. Bank Manager Planned to Fake Death, Take Customer’s ID) Not exactly the most imaginative of criminals but at least more creative then pulling a gun on someone.


(Re: Virginia Police Chief Charged With Distributing Methamphetamine) Our opinion is that whatever the punishment is for a regular citizen, this person's punishment should be mandatory jail time ten times as long.


Sorry guys, slow scandalous news day.


(Re: Cops Investigate Substitute Teacher Allegedly Having Sex With Daughter's Boyfriend) While we do not have a problem with an older woman having sex with a younger man we would hope that the older woman would draw the line at the youngster being 13 and/or her daughter's boyfriend.


We were asked why do we have so many articles on police scandals. Are we picking on them? No. We have no more like or dislike for the police than the avarage citizen. We have so many articles about cops doing bad because of so many cops doing bad. We do not target any particular entity, group or individual. We just show you what is out there.

We are slowly dumping the search box from our pages and exploring new ad campaigns.


Welcome to the Editor's log. We will do our best to update this weekday daily. The purpose of this blog is to comment (our opinion) on recent news events and tell our visitors about We will skip the usual celebrity-checks-into-rehab or celebrity-adopts-the-kid-of-the-day news stories as we view these as public relations stunts rather than news.

When was created we had to define what was worth publishing here and what to skip. Our definition of a scandal worth printing is a situation where a person in a role of trust acts against those whose interest he should be protecting. We also add to this a requirement that this betrayal affects a lot of people (your typical government executive taking bribes to pass laws benefitting the bribe giver) or is just a terrible breach of trust (see the Parent articles). In an effort to try to keep the news fresh we try not to print daily any article about a particular scandal (though after some time you may have a follow up article about that scandal). We may also decide not to print about a particular scandal if it gets a lot of press on other news sources.

As you see we have been doing some design changes. We are adding colorful ads and a joke spot to brighten up the mood a bit. We are also dumping features that do not seem to get used (the search bar). We encourage you to use the forums to discuss the various articles or they may be going soon, too.


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