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Bribery cause sprouts tentacles

Recently filed court records in the criminal case of developer Calvin Boender provide broad outlines about the jobs that went to relatives of U.S. Rep.Luis Gutierrez, Ald. Emma Mitts, 37th, and former Ald. Isaac "Ike" Carothers, 29th.


Ex-central IN minister pleads guilty to sex with teen

Former New Whiteland Baptist Church pastor Daniel Moore pleaded guilty Thursday to felony child solicitation and sexual misconduct charges.


Norwalk councilman faces harassment suit

The city and Councilman Rick Ramirez have been sued by a city employee alleging sexual harassment, according to court papers.


Barry Doesn't Take Sanctions Quietly

The censure and other sanctions are the result of Barry's awarding a contract to his girlfriend and a number of close personal associates.


Vt. fire captain charged with firing own home

A Bennington fire department captain is facing charges he set his own home on fire last week, twice.


Patterson highway chief indicted on 24 counts

A Putnam County grand jury has returned a 24-count indictment against Patterson Highway Superintendent Charles A. Williams Jr., who was arraigned today before a state judge and sent back to the county jail without bail.


School district waits two years to investigate allegations of theft by athletic director

The Broward school district is investigating allegations that a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School athletic director stole ticket money from school sporting events.


Soles pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault charge

N.C. Sen. R.C. Soles Jr. pleaded guilty this afternoon to a misdemeanor in a shooting at his home Aug. 23.


Former nonprofit director gets prison for thefts

Dorena Kearney, 53, of Lindenwold, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison for stealing $138,768 in federal program funds from Colours Inc., prosecutors said.


Del. doctor indicted in serial child-abuse scandal

Prosecutors expect to add more counts to a lengthy indictment against a Delaware pediatrician charged with serial molestation of 103 children as investigators urge former patients and parents to come forward.


Sen. Soles in court Thursday on assault charge

A grand jury indicted state Sen. R.C. Soles back in January on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. Soles later turned himself in.


Marion Barry Apologizes To City And Council

DC Councilman Marion Barry, in a stunning reversal, apologized for giving his girlfriend a city contract for $15,000.


Pastor charged in illegal dumping

The director of a company that operates several wastewater treatment facilities throughout Acadiana has been arrested on charges he allowed untreated sewage to be illegally dumped.


U.S. indicts former village manager from southwest Michigan

A former Stevensville official has been indicted on charges of skimming nearly $300,000 from the southwest Michigan village's accounts.


Destin's Ray Sansom Resigns From The Florida Legislature

Sansom was accused of violating the public trust and the House's integrity by allegedly funneling millions to a state college before taking a high-paying job at the school.


Let Kilpatrick keep up wealthy appearances, his lawyer asks court

A lawyer for former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said today his client needs to keep up wealthy appearances.


Former Annapolis alderman sentenced for groping midshipman

Former Annapolis alderman and mayoral candidate Samuel E. Shropshire was sentenced Monday to a weekend in jail and two years of supervised probation for groping the crotch of a Naval Academy midshipman last May.


D.C. Teacher Allegedly Father of Student's Child

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee says a D.C. public school teacher allegedly got an 18-year-old special needs student pregnant before being laid off in October.


Manassas Teacher Arrested For Sexual Battery

Manassas police have arrested 49-year-old Kevin Garfield Ricks, a teacher at Osbourn High School, and charged him with aggravated sexual battery and two counts of indecent liberties while in a supervisory position.


Ex-Banks County Tax Official Arrested

A former Banks County deputy tax commissioner was charged with computer fraud in connection with a scheme to lower taxes for several acquaintances.


Feds: Inmates Picked Uncle Sam's Pockets From Jail

Federal indictments are expected this week after investigators found that dozens of inmates at the Stock Island Detention Center near Key West had reportedly scammed the Internal Revenue Service out of as much as $100 thousand.


La Puente mayor pleads not guilty in perjury case

La Puente Mayor Louie Lujan pleaded not guilty today to a felony charge of perjury by declaration for an allegedly false report he filed last year involving campaign funds.


Report: Barry violated laws with contract

An independent investigation has found that former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry violated conflict-of-interest laws when he awarded a contract to his then-girlfriend.


State police to conduct investigation into former Lakeville clerk-treasurer

Following a state audit, Indiana State Police will now begin investigating the alleged theft of close to $30,000 by former Lakeville clerk-treasurer Casey Grove.


Former Montgomery County chamber CEO arrested

The former president and CEO of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce was arrested Friday on seven felony embezzlement charges following an eight-month investigation.


IOU Could Be Déjà Vu

California already is more than $6 billion short of the revenue it needs. The gap is projected to grow by nearly $14 billion in the new fiscal year that starts July 1.


Kilpatrick can't pay up? Judge unlikely to jail him

The jailhouse door probably won't slam on Kwame Kilpatrick in his latest tussle over a $1-million restitution debt.


Sex cases against pastor likely to be postponed

Harley Keough, pastor of King James Baptist Church, was scheduled to stand trial for five counts of sexual battery Monday. Another round of charges was to be heard in March.


Blagojevich's brother to answer corruption charges

Ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich's brother Robert is headed for federal court to answer fresh charges he schemed to sell or trade the U.S. Senate seat from Illinois left vacant by President Obama's election.


Catholic child sexual abuse scandal widens

The Roman Catholic Church faces yet another child abuse scandal, this time in Pope Benedict XVI's native Germany.


Mt. Vernon Mayor Arrested Again

LEX 18 reported that Kirby is expected to plead guilty in a case where she is accused of violating public trust. Kirby faces five counts from two incidents stemming from May and June 2009.


Ex-Hospital Execs Pay Big Fine In Skid Row Scam

They were accused of recruiting the homeless on Skid Row for unnecessary medical treatments and then fraudulently billing the Medicare and Medi-Cal systems.


Spain Park HS Principal Accused of Misuse of Funds

Hoover school leaders believe Billy Broadway used nearly $5,000 of school funds for personal use.


Houston mayor accused of misusing police car

The mayor of a tiny Alaska city denied Monday that he drove recklessly in a city police vehicle and impersonated an officer on a highway to Fairbanks.


Abate admits to misconduct

Last month Abate pleaded no contest to prohibited acts at his second criminal trial on sexual assault and lewd and lascivious conduct charges.


Scandal-racked food firm's ex-owner arrested

An investigation into one the nation's biggest tomato processors culminated Thursday with the arrest of the firm's former owner, a Pebble Beach man accused of selling moldy paste and bribing purchasers at client companies including Safeway and Kraft Foods.


Cabins on Palin properties in Alaska not noted in tax assessments

Records show that Sarah Palin has not paid any property taxes on cabins that have been built on two backcountry plots partially owned by the former Alaska governor.


Former Hampton University student sentenced to 33 months for stealing trip money

From November 2006 through April 2007, records show, Thomas collected $200,000 from 200 seniors as the trip fee averaged about $1,000 a student.


State lawmaker pleads guilty in corruption case

State Rep. Terri Hodge pleaded guilty Wednesday to fraud and making false statements on an income tax return in connection with a bribery scheme involving Dallas city officials and developers.


Cowboys player wanted for 'deadly conduct'

A Dallas County magistrate issued an arrest warrant Wednesday for Cowboys fullback Deon Anderson after he allegedly brandished a loaded gun at a restaurant valet parking attendant.


Border fence plagued by glitches and long delays

Having spent $672 million so far with little to show for it, Washington has ordered a reassessment of the whole idea.


Deputy fire chief resigns from D.C. job

A deputy fire chief placed on leave-without-pay status in Washington so he could stay on the department's books after he took a job as a fire chief in Florida has resigned from the District's fire department.


Soccer coach pleads guilty to soliciting girl, 14, for sex

On the day his trial was to have begun, a soccer coach accused of trying to engage a 14-year-old girl in sex pleaded guilty Tuesday in Baltimore County Circuit Court to one count of sexual solicitation of a minor.


Broker charged in fraud scheme

An Annapolis mortgage broker who moonlighted for the past several years as a financial adviser misappropriated more than $2.3 million of his clients' money to buy and sell stocks for his own personal gain, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Former Repubilc, MO Postmaster Admits to Misappropriating Funds

She admitted to the converting postal funds to her own use between January 1, 2002 to February 7, 2008 in Republic, Missouri.


Ald. Carothers pleads guilty to bribery, resigns

A key Chicago City Council ally of Mayor Daley resigned today after agreeing to a deal that calls for him to spend more than two years in prison for taking bribes while serving as an alderman.


Watchdog: Bailouts created more risk in system

The problems that led to the last crisis have not yet been addressed, and in some cases have grown worse, says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the trouble asset relief program, or TARP.


Rip Torn Charged With Burglary After Bank Break-In

Torn was arrested Friday evening after drunkenly breaking into a Connecticut bank while carrying a loaded revolver, according to a statement from police.


Danville Christian Academy staff member accused of sexual abuse

The investigation revealed inappropriate contact by the associate pastor with a male student which reportedly had gone on for some time.


Former Compton Coach Jailed For Child Molestation

A former Southern California high school basketball coach has been sentenced to 60 days in jail following his conviction on a misdemeanor charge of child molestation.


Possible Embezzlement Scheme At Lake Co. Bank

Eyewitness News uncovered a Secret Service investigation in Lake County that could be a large bank embezzlement scheme.


Teacher's Aide Accused Of Sexual Assault Waives Hearing

A Pelham Middle School teacher's aide charged with sexually assaulting two boys waived her probable cause hearing Wednesday.


Opening statements begin in suspended Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini's corruption trial

Beldini, who served as Mayor Jerramiah Healy's campaign treasurer, is accused of accepting $20,000 in bribes that were then funneled into Healy's warchest.


PTO President arrested for embezzlement

A Wayne Township PTO president has been arrested in connection with charges accusing her of embezzling more than $4,000 via 79 unauthorized charges on a debit card.


Schools' ex-finance manager accused of taking $22K

She is accused of embezzling more than $22,000 by making false entries into financial records of the school and transferring funds into accounts to hide the money.


Rhee: Laid-off D.C. teachers abused kids

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee tells a magazine that some of the 266 teachers laid off in October had sex with children or hit them.


EMS director charged

Gary Rothwell, agent in charge of the GBI Perry office confirmed Friday that Tony Heath who had directed the Emergency Medical Service here about 10 years has been charged with financial transaction card fraud.


Inglewood mayor resigns before pleading guilty to misdemeanor conflict of interest charge

Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt Dorn abruptly resigned his elected post Sunday evening, hours before he pleaded guilty this morning to a misdemeanor just as his trial on public corruption charges was expected to begin, a district attorney’s spokeswoman said.


Four indicted in courthouse credit card scam

According to the indictment, the couple used two insiders, one an employee of the Seattle Municipal Court and the other of the Jack in the Box in Des Moines.


Sidwell Teacher Sex Abuse Charges

A Sidwell Friends middle school social studies teacher has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor and other sexual offenses.


Comedian Charged With Sexual Abuse

According to a criminal complaint, he allegedly grabbed two men in the genital area and kissed one of them.


Former Jersey City Deputy mayor to be tried on corruption charges

Jury selection will begin in the federal corruption trial of former Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini Monday.


Former Beaufort Housing Authority exec arrested for embezzlement

Investigators of an embezzlement case involving a former executive director of the Beaufort Housing Authority say the internal controls that were in place to protect the organization were not followed by the accused director.


Wal-Mart Child-Slapper Found Guilty Of Child Cruelty Charges

According to prosecutors, Stephens told the mother, "If you don't shut that child up, I'll shut her up for you."


Auctioneer gets jail, must pay restitution

An Elbridge auctioneer who paid a client only part of what he was owed will spend time in jail before serving an extended probation term.


Vt. Surgeon Pleads No Contest In Patient Molestation Case

The retrial of an orthopedic surgeon accused of improperly touching a patient has been halted by the announcement of a plea deal.


FBI Contacts Former Staff in Ensign Sex Case

The FBI is investigating the sex-and-money case involving Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., who has acknowledged arranging for a payment of nearly $100,000 over an extramarital affair with a former campaign staffer and helping the woman's husband find employment as a lobbyist.


State rests case against minister

Matt Baker's ex-mistress Vanessa Bulls was the day's key witness, testifying that he drugged his wife and smothered her with a pillow.


Dixon Pension Process Under Way

Her pension has sparked much controversy and protest since the mayor announced she would be stepping down as part of a plea deal on perjury charges and a theft conviction.


Doctor disciplined for removing wrong kidney

A urologist has been indefinitely barred from inpatient surgery for removing the wrong kidney of one patient and taking a biopsy from another's patient's pancreas instead of a kidney.


Hughson City Official Arrested

A city official from the Central Valley has been arrested on charges he illegally destroyed city computer files.


Woman Gets 20 Years for Shooting Teen Over Joke

A Pasco County woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting a teenager who joked about her ex-boyfriend.


Filipino WWII veterans still waiting for payments

Last February, the U.S. said it would pay a lump sum - $9,000 or $15,000 - to veterans like Sotio in lieu of pensions it had promised Filipino soldiers during the war but reneged on paying.


Arenas Faces Felony Gun Charge

The charge is punishable by a sentence of up to five years in jail. His attorneys reportedly hoped to plea to a misdemeanor and avoid jail time.


Figure in massive corruption sting is charged with taking $50,000 in bribes

A former maintenance worker with the Jersey City housing department who was arrested in last summer's massive FBI sting was formally charged in a federal indictment yesterday with taking $50,000 in bribes from a government informant.


Removal or censure for state Sen. Monserrate

A senator convicted of assault after his girlfriend showed up at a hospital with a slash on her face should be expelled or censured, according to the report from a special committee set up to investigate the senator's actions.


Prosecutor: Kilpatrick wants to 'live like a millionaire'

Kilpatrick has paid $84,000 of the $1 million he was ordered to repay the city, but prosecutors say he could have paid $500,000 based on his income.


Seeds of Grace ministry co-founder charged with sexually assaulting a pre-teen relative

Earl Kranz, the co-founder of an Allegan area ministry to help the poor and homeless. faces eight felony counts for allegedly sexually assaulting a pre-teen female relative hundreds of times over the last two years.


State investigators subpoena JP administrators

Last week, former parish Chief Administrative Officer Tim Whitmer and Parish President Aaron Broussard resigned amid a growing scandal into possible contract irregularities and ethics violations.


Charges: Kids' Baseball Director Keeps Raffle Cash

The director of a kids' baseball tournament in Farmington, Minn. is accused of pocketing fundraising earnings.


Mom on probation charged with 2 DWIs in same day

While on probation for endangering her child while she engaged in a truck stop sexual encounter, a local woman was arrested twice in one day for driving while intoxicated, police allege.


McGwire admits using steroids

Mark McGwire finally came clean Monday, admitting he used steroids when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998.


Cluster of corruption cases might widen, some say

It is Broward County's turn at last — time for federal authorities to act on the long-held suspicion that not everything is squeaky clean in local politics and the legal community.


Former UofL dean pleads guilty to tax evasion and money laundering

A guilty plea came Friday in U.S. District Court from the former University of Louisville education dean who authorities say scammed more than $2 million from two universities.


Former FEMA employee charged with stealing $721,000 in Katrina money

A former Federal Emergency Management Agency employee and her cousin have been charged with allegedly stealing more than $721,000 in Hurricane Katrina money that was meant for storm victims.


Renee Bowman Sentenced for Child Abuse

A Maryland woman accused of killing two of her adopted daughters and keeping their bodies in a freezer has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the abuse of a third daughter after the girl confronted her in court.


Pastor resigns over lewd video

A Lubbock pastor is facing federal charges after authorities say he sent a lewd sexual video of himself to a 16-year-old girl in Louisiana.


Dixon resigns

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon resigned Wednesday, part of a plea deal that brings a years-long corruption investigation to a close and ends the tenure of the city's first female mayor.


Police: Grandmother drowned 5-year-old boy

Marianne Bordt confessed to killing her grandson “because she didn't want to see him grow up in a divorced home,” Franklin County sheriff's investigators charged.


Administrator accused of soliciting sex

South Texas prosecutors are accusing a high school assistant principal of soliciting sex from students using text messages.


Pastor Charged With Murder in Son's Shooting

A Darby pastor who shot his son to death on Christmas Day during a family dispute was charged with his murder Tuesday.


Homeland chief concedes airline security failed

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano conceded Monday that the aviation security system failed when a young man on a watchlist with a U.S. visa in his pocket and a powerful explosive hidden on his body was allowed to board a fight from Amsterdam to Detroit.


Convicted of corruption, 12 still await sentencing

What's keeping them out of prison? For most, it's the help they're offering authorities in ongoing cases, involving Blagojevich and others -- cooperation that could cut their prison time.


School Bus Driver Gets 151 Years for Molesting Girls

A former Los Alamitos Unified School District bus driver was sentenced Thursday to 151 years to life behind bars for molesting three girls.


Ex-Garland City mayor faces mail fraud charge

The former mayor of Garland City has been indicted on suspicion of creating fake invoices after state auditors questioned her about more than $42,000 worth of checks written to herself.


Complaints pour in against Allstar Moving & Storage

Valley residents have filed so many complaints against a Chandler moving company that the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures routinely calls in local law enforcement and stands by homes to oversee unloading.


2009: A year of corruption charges and high-level arrests

2009 was the year some of our region's dirty secrets, previously only whispered about in the corridors of power, came to light.


Actor Charlie Sheen Arrested In Colorado

Charlie Sheen spent the better part of Christmas Day in a Colorado jail cell after being arrested on domestic violence allegations.


Report: D.C. Wasted Nearly $5M on HDTV Studio

The city's inspector general found that the office improperly awarded a sole-source contract to a startup.


Pastor shoots son in deadly dispute

Kirk Caldwell is a pastor at End Time Harvest Mnistries in West Oak Lane.


Former mayor pleads guilty

Former Mayor Gary Becker is facing up to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty in an Internet sex sting.


State Police arrest Highland Medical Center CEO

Troopers say that complaint involved “accounting irregularities uncovered during an independent audit of medical center records.“


Warrant issued for former Lyon County official

In a series of Fact Finder reports News 4 has documented the fact that several families have filed complaints accusing Richard Glover of stealing from their deceased relatives.


SEC alleges fraud by Austin investment firm

An Austin businessman and two of his companies are accused in an alleged scam using former NFL players to attract investors.


Insurance broker accused of taking $2.7 million

Thirty-six-year-old Joseph A. Garretson allegedly arranged mortgage refinancing loans but then failed to use the money to pay off the initial loans, causing mortgage holders to default.


Del. pediatrician molested at least 16 children, police say

Delaware pediatrician Earl B. Bradley is now suspected of raping or molesting at least 16 patients, and more victims could be discovered in the widening investigation, according to court documents obtained Monday.


Ex-city official is held for trial

Arthur Blackwell II was ordered held for trial Friday on five criminal counts, including misconduct in office and embezzlement for allegedly taking $264,000 in unauthorized pay while he was Highland Park's emergency financial manager.


AG: Ethics panel violates open meetings law

An ethics panel that monitors local governments in Nelson County has been found in violation of Kentucky's open meetings law.


Former Plaquemines pastor denied release on bond

Police arrested Denesse and his daughter in January, when they found crack cocaine and several pounds of marijuana in his car.


Radnor sues former township manager for $1M

Township Attorney Neil A. Morris yesterday entered a $1,008,512 judgment against Bashore, seeking to recoup money that Bashore had paid himself and township employees in the form of secret bonuses ...


HR manager arrested for trying to solicit sex

A federal employee was arrested Tuesday and charged with trying to lure a minor to have sex with him and sending obscene video to her.


Ex-councilman Bates loses bid for freedom

A jury in 2006 convicted Bates, 69, of putting friends, relatives and his yardman on the city payroll without requiring any work.


Nonprofit's spending on Kilpatrick probed

It's a nonprofit organization set up to improve Detroit neighborhoods and educate citizens, but the Kilpatrick Civic Fund has never made headlines for spending money on those goals.


Chinook PTSA treasurer admits to stealing funds

The Chinook PTSA says David Glass stole at least $45,000 while he was in charge of its finances.


Boston fire dept. clerk pleads guilty to perjury

A Boston Fire Department clerk has pleaded guilty to federal perjury and obstruction of justice charges during a pension fraud investigation.


Deputy Fire Chief's Sweet Retirement Deal

By staying on the Department's rolls, Ellerbe will be able to begin drawing retirement at age 50 instead of waiting until 55. That's five extra years of retirement pay at 80 percent of his salary.


Kenston schools official indicted in $130,000 theft from district

Kanieski, 62, of Auburn Township, was charged with 86 counts of forgery and one count each of grand theft and theft in office.


DeWeese charged in the third phase of a legislative corruption probe

A top House Democrat, Bill DeWeese, and just-resigned state Revenue Secretary Stephen Stetler are being charged in the third phase of a legislative corruption investigation.


School official charged with DWI

A Currituck County Board of Education member has been charged with drunken driving.


Second man pleads guilty in alleged kickback scheme

A Colombia native pleaded guilty today to a lone bribery charge for his role allegedly assisting a state Department of Corrections administrator in a bid rigging and kickback scheme involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in state contracts.


Youth minister Christopher E. Evans accused of sex with teen

Bail was set at $250,000 Wednesday for a youth minister at a Clermont County church charged with the sexual battery of a 15-year-old girl.


Shropshire is found guilty of groping

Samuel E. Shropshire, the Annapolis alderman who was a contender for mayor this fall, was convicted Thursday of groping a Naval Academy midshipman, a crime for which he could be sent to prison for more than a decade.


Kilpatrick aides implicated

The names of two officials linked to the administration of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick surfaced Friday in the continuing federal investigation of alleged city hall corruption.


Ex-CFO admits stealing $50,000 from nonprofit to pay off credit card debts

The former chief financial officer of a county-based charity organization has admitted to stealing more than $50,000, using agency funds to pay off her personal credit-card debts, authorities said.


UCLA medical profs accused of bilking foundation

A UCLA professor and five others who used a nonprofit foundation to fund their own research projects have agreed to stop using the charity as a "personal bank account," the state Attorney General announced Friday.


Bruno convicted on 2 of 8 fraud counts

Once the top Republican power broker in the state capital, Joseph L. Bruno was convicted Monday on two felony charges of depriving the public of his "honest services," putting the former Senate majority leader in a growing class of top state government officials to fall unceremoniously from their positions of influence.


Former CSU Official Responds To Wasting $152K

Students are outraged, a senator is demanding a full refund, and a university union is not calling for the resignation of David Ernst, the former CSU employee who spent $152,000 on lavish trips and fancy dinners.


Temp firms a magnet for unfit nurses

Firms that supply temporary nurses to the nation's hospitals are taking perilous shortcuts in their screening and supervision, sometimes putting seriously ill patients in the hands of incompetent or impaired caregivers.


Ridley-Thomas defends $707K office renovations

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is spending $707,000 to renovate his office, while county services are being cut back.


Georgia House speaker quits amid lobbying scandal

Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson, once seen as a strong Republican candidate for governor, is resigning his seat, three days after his ex- wife accused him on television of having an affair with a lobbyist pushing legislation he co-sponsored.


Bond set for teacher charged with sexual misconduct

An eighth-grade social studies teacher at St. James Middle School teacher has been charged with sexual misconduct with a 13-year-old girl, officials said.


Sohn pleads not guilty to federal embezzlement charges

FBI and IRS agents arrested the longtime campaign manager of former Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn., Friday, unraveling a web of deceit that prosecutors said resulted in the alleged embezzlement of $250,000 in campaign funds.


Dixon convicted of embezzlement

Jurors in the theft trial of Sheila Dixon convicted the Baltimore mayor Tuesday on a single charge of taking gift cards intended for the city's poor.


Robert Bopp, ex-coach in porn case, filmed his players in locker room, families learn

Students who played hockey for former Grosse Pointe South High School coach Robert Bopp were only recently told that he had placed a secret video recording device in the student locker room last hockey season, school attorney Mark McInerney said today.


Annapolis Councilman Convicted for Fondling Man

An Annapolis councilman was convicted Thursday of fondling a Naval Academy midshipman in May.


Temple City mayor backs off Wong's youth committee appointment

A councilwoman indicted on bribery charges has been stripped of her appointment as the adviser to the city's new Youth Committee.


Ex-deputy mayor faces new charges

The former deputy mayor of New Jersey's second-largest city faces additional federal extortion and bribery charges as she prepares to go to trial next month.


Ga. Nurse Accused Of Abusing Dozens Of Patients

A metro Atlanta nurse anesthetist has been charged with molesting and sodomizing anesthetized patients in dental and medical offices, and police say the videotaped abuses could involve 100 or more victims.


D.C. Employees Massage Your Money Away

First, you probably go to work each day, wondering what the heck your job actually is because your department sorta sounds made up as if it's some sort of slush fund for other departments or VIPs.


Official gets jail time for embezzlement

The former finance administrator for the village of Paw Paw was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail for embezzling from village coffers.


Judge Denies New Trial In Dallas City Hall Corruption Case

A federal judge denied defense motions for a new trial Monday in the bribery/conspiracy trial of former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill and four others, the Dallas Morning News reported.


Charges Against Oswego Firefighters Adjourned

They were arrested after an investigation determined that they had allegedly, unlawfully signed the name to an official business record on or about Oct. 3, according to the police report.


Ex-NBA Star Runs "Slum" Housing, Says City

Capping off a year in which he was arrested for nearly $1 million in gambling debts, Antoine Walker is now being pursued by the city of Chicago for managing housing that violates public safety requirements, says the Chicago Tribune.


Maryland Priest Gets Probation For Abuse

A Roman Catholic priest has been sentenced to 10 years probation after being convicted of a third-degree sex offense in connection with abusing an altar boy.


Diocese: Pedophile priests due benefits

The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington is obligated to pay retirement benefits to six priests who are confirmed pedophiles, church officials argued in a bankruptcy court filing seeking permission to keep making the payments.


Stamford gym refuses to refund murder victim's membership dues

A Glenbrook gym continued to draw money from a 2007 murder victim's bank account for almost two years after his death and is refusing to refund $400 to his mother.


Ex-Cobo chief who took bribe to do time

The former director of Cobo Center in Detroit was sentenced to 14 months in prison and 2 years of probation for his role in a bribery scheme that was uncovered as part of an ongoing federal probe into corruption at city hall.


San Jose area community college chancellor enjoyed big benefits as class offerings shrank

In the four years since Rosa Perez took over the cash-strapped district, her salary has jumped 48 percent to $293,000 a year, with a $147,000 bonus to boot.


Jefferson out of jail until appeal heard

Jefferson was sentenced on Friday to 13 years in federal prison after being convicted of bribery, conspiracy money laundering and racketeering.


Alaska diocese says settlement near in abuse suit

Complaints of sexual abuse of a minor have been filed in the diocese in the last few years, some going back five decades.


Coach pleads guilty to child porn charges

A former Grosse Pointe South hockey coach faces at least 15 years in prison after he pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to child pornography charges.


GM bailout costs each taxpayer $12,200, National Taxpayer’s Union says

You may not have bought a General Motors Co. or Chrysler car, but you’re still paying for one, according to a new report by the National Taxpayer’s Union.


Fairview mayor facing charges of stealing, misconduct

The charges stem from allegations that Oliver, an unpaid mayor, not only received compensation from the city for work that included street repairs and building maintenance, but also that he might not have performed some of the work that he claimed to have done, according to Sheriff Ken Copeland.


N.J. Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone, wife to be arraigned on corruption charges

The couple is accused in a seven-count indictment, handed up in August, that charges they deposited more than $7,000 of Chiappone's legislative aides' paychecks into their personal bank account and Chiappone's 2005 campaign fund.


Daughters Plead Guilty To Mom's Abuse, Death

The daughter's accused of the horrifying abuse and neglect of their own mother got emotional in a Baltimore courtroom Monday as they accepted a plea agreement.


John Perzel is 'architect' behind political strategy in Bonusgate case, Corbett says

Former House Speaker John Perzel, R-Philadelphia, former Republican Rep. Brett Feese and eight other current and former aides to the men used taxpayers' funds, employees and resources for political campaign purposes, Attorney General Tom Corbett alleged today.


Hamilton, delegate under federal probe, resigns

The probe focuses on allegations that he arranged a $40,000-a-year job for himself at Old Dominion University as he steered hundreds of thousands of dollars in appropriations to the Norfolk school.


Miami commissioner Spence-Jones surrenders on grand theft charge

Miami-Dade prosecutors say Spence-Jones forged letters, including one in the name of former Miami-Dade Commissioner Barbara Carey-Shuler, to steer $50,000 in county grants to a family business in 2004 and 2005, before she was first elected.


Feds ignored Medicare scam warnings for years

The federal agency that is supposed to prevent Medicare fraud repeatedly ignored internal watchdog warnings about swindlers stealing millions of dollars over three years.


2 restaurant employees charged in robbery

Frederick police have arrested two employees of the Greene Turtle Restaurant in a robbery of the eatery earlier this month.


Hoyla Insurance owner gets jail time

Michael Hoyla, owner of Hoyla Insurance Group, was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing $65,000 from the company’s 401(k) plan.


Former councilman headed to federal prison

A former Trumbauersville councilman who admitted defrauding the IRS through his tax preparation company could spend 42 months in federal prison, and he's also on the hook for $4.3 million in restitution.


Ex-Boys And Girls Club Exec Admits Stealing $114K

The former chief professional officer for Tustin's Boys and Girls Club pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing more than $114,000 from the club to pay for his vacations and a fake job for his wife.


Davis won’t comment on investigation

Brian C. Davis remained mum Tuesday about a criminal probe into allegations that he might have engaged in questionable financial dealings.


Jersey City councilman's campaign reports include FBI money

Jersey City Councilman Mariano Vega Jr. has updated his campaign finance reports to include $10,000 he received from FBI informants.


NC pastor released after arrest on sex charges

A North Carolina pastor has been released from jail after being arrested on charges of having sex with a child.


Ex-superintendent of Ind. school district charged

The former superintendent of a western Indiana school district has been charged with forgery and theft after a state audit found he misused nearly $36,000.


Rep. Lynch helps wife's agencies land grants

U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch has helped two substance abuse programs with which is wife is affiliated land more than $1.6 million in federal earmarks.


Police: Restaurant owner raped mentally challenged woman

Officials arrested 32-year old Ausencio Jimenez Luria over the weekend for allegedly raping a mentally challenged 20-year-old woman inside his West Side taqueria.


Missing former city treasurer accused of embezzlement

Prosecutors accuse Bell of stealing thousands of dollars in city money and buying stamps and gift cards then selling them on eBay.


William Jefferson sentencing of 27-33 years recommended

The prosecution's sentencing memorandum suggests that Jefferson, who served 18 years in Congress, may have hidden resources and "poses a significant risk of flight,'' and ought to be immediately remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service after sentencing at the Alexandria, Va., courthouse.


Alexandria council food tab soars to $70,000; previous 5-year average was $18,000

The Alexandria City Council's spending on food and beverages has skyrocketed over the past 12 months compared with previous years.


Greg Meffert, wife, City Hall vendor to be arraigned on 63 counts Thursday in bribery scheme

Seven years after technology whiz Greg Meffert arrived at City Hall as a top official in Mayor Ray Nagin's optimistic new administration and began crusading against the corruption and waste he found there, Meffert has been charged, along with his wife and former city tech vendor Mark St. Pierre, with 63 felony counts in what authorities say was a lucrative kickback scheme.


St. Peters stockbroker guilty of fraud

A former St. Charles County stockbroker has admitted to a Ponzi scheme that cost investors hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Wilkes-Barre School Director Brian Dunn to plead guilty Dec. 2

Dunn signed a plea agreement last month that calls for him to plead guilty to accepting a bribe in exchange for helping a teacher obtain a job within the district.


Former Insurance Agent Facing New Indictments

A North Carolina insurance agent already accused of embezzling more than $168,000 from a 90-year-old woman and using the money for himself is facing additional indictments.


NBA Star Indicted In Maryland

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West is facing additional weapons and traffic charges in connection to his Sept. 17 arrest in Prince George's County, Md.


Former Kennewick pastor arrested on warrant

Kennewick police say a former pastor convicted of killing a young woman with his car in 2003 has been arrested in Clark County, Nevada, on a warrant for failing to appear in court.


Despite corruption charge, voters re-elected Bonner

Gerald Bonner’s charge in the Luzerne County corruption scandal did not prevent him from being re-elected county Democratic jury commissioner Tuesday.


Businessman accused of defrauding employees

A Ponce Inlet man has been charged with committing insurance fraud at the DeLand business in which he's a majority shareholder.


Corruption prompts 2nd mayoral election in Hoboken

Residents of Hoboken went to the polls for the second time in less than six months Tuesday, the fallout from corruption charges that led to the resignation of Mayor Peter Cammarano.


Supreme Court rejects another diocese appeal on secret abuse records

Documents detailing allegations of child sexual abuse by priests in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport dating back four decades will be released after a Superior Court judge next week reviews procedures for making the information public.


Plea Deal In Works For Prof. In Bathroom Tape Case

The attorney for a former University of Northern Colorado professor accused of secretly videotaping guests at his home's bathroom says his client may reach a plea agreement.


Taxpayers unlikely to recoup GM and Chrysler bailout investment

To recover the loans Treasury gave Chrysler and GM to keep them afloat, the automakers would have to reach valuations they didn't approach even when they were healthier.


Former Speaker DiMasi’s Pension Suspended

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi has lost his battle to regain his $5,000-per-month state pension, but will receive $25,000 in back pension payments.


Conyers Mayoral Candidate Pleads Guilty To Felony

Kathy Harvey was sentenced to five years probation and a $1,000 fine for theft by conversion for cashing an $6,000 insurance check received as payment to a business doing carpeting work in her home in 2004.


Ex-SC DSS official to plead guilty

The former finance director of South Carolina's social services agency has agreed to plead guilty to stealing more than $5 million from the agency.


Sauget fire chief accused of DUI after crash

The fire chief in the southwestern Illinois village of Sauget is apologizing after being accused of drunkenly driving a village-owned SUV into a concrete pole.


Bank manager pleads guilty to starting vault fire

A former assistant manager at an Indianapolis bank has pleaded guilty to setting fire to the bank vault in an attempt to cover his thefts.


Lawmaker arrested on suspicion of DWI

A Missouri state representative who represents part of Jefferson County was arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, authorities said.


Barkus pleads not guilty to felonies

State Sen. Greg Barkus, R-Kalispell, pleaded not guilty Monday morning to felony charges resulting from the Aug. 27 boat crash that injured him and four other people.


Former Hudson County union official sentenced to 1 year-plus for embezzling $2M

A former Hudson County union official was sentenced today to one year and nine months in prison for embezzling more than $2 million to pay for a boat, a house in Mountainside and condominium on the posh resort island of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.


A fire chief should know engines don't do errands

An Anchorage Fire Department engine, staffed with three or four on-duty firefighters, rolled up to Dimond High School on Monday afternoon. But it wasn’t there for a fire.


Affidavit: Mom Told Deputies Balloon Saga Was Hoax

Colorado authorities say the mother of the 6-year-old boy once feared missing inside a runaway helium balloon admitted the whole saga was a hoax.


Ex-VFW Officer Pleads To Stealing $122K

The former chief financial officer of a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Albuquerque has pleaded guilty to 17 embezzlement and fraud charges for using a VFW-issued debit card to finance more than $122,000 in personal expenses.


Ky. Firefighter Charged With Arson

A northeastern Kentucky volunteer firefighter has been arrested on two counts of arson.


Grand Prairie store clerk charged in theft of $1 million lottery ticket

A 25-year-old convenience store clerk suspected of stealing a customer’s $1 million winning lottery ticket has cashed it and may have left the country, authorities said.


Assembly's Jeff Wood arrested again for OWI

Jeff Wood, the state representative from Chippewa Falls who has been threatened with expulsion from the Assembly following two arrests within a year for driving while under the influence, was arrested again for OWI Wednesday.


Former Boston Firefighter Charged In Disability Case

A Boston firefighter who participated in a bodybuilding contest last year after claiming he was permanently disabled has been charged with fraud in connection with his application for an accidental disability pension.


U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects

Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis.


Bank cheated pension funds, state suit contends

A major bank secretly cheated California's public worker and teacher pension funds out of more than $56.6 million, state Attorney General Jerry Brown said Tuesday in announcing a $200 million lawsuit.


Delaware diocese files for Chapter 11

Delaware's Catholic Diocese of Wilmington filed for federal bankruptcy protection Sunday night, on the eve of a civil trial in a high-profile sex abuse case against the diocese and a former priest.


Sheriff: Charges will be filed in Colorado balloon saga

A sheriff said he was pursuing criminal charges in Colorado's "balloon boy" saga, which first sparked fear for the child, then relief that he was OK and now suspicions of a hoax.


Public adjuster charged in insurance scam

For the third time this year, a public adjuster has been arrested and charged with bilking homeowners.


Judge: Va. violated absentee voters' rights

A federal judge ruled Friday that Virginia violated the voting rights of military service members and other Americans living overseas when electoral officials failed to send them ballots for last year's presidential election on time.


Guilty plea in Ecorse bribery case

A business owner connected to the ongoing bribery investigation involving the City of Ecorse has pleaded guilty and faces up to 13 months in prison, federal officials announced Friday.


City Official Busted in Prostitution Sting

El Monte's city manager was among 30 people arrested by Pomona police during a sting on prostitutes and their customers, says a city official.


Road rage case against AJ vice mayor sent for review

The case against Apache Junction Vice Mayor R.E. Eck was sent to the Gila County Attorney's Office for review to determine if he should face felony charges over an early-morning road rage incident with a motorcyclist.


Former Continental Express Exec Kelly Woolridge Fined $1M, Sentenced to Prison

A former trucking company executive has been fined $1 million and sentenced to 22 months in federal prison for a mail-fraud conspiracy conviction.


NAACP leaders accused of stealing

The Atlanta NAACP has accused its former executive director and her assistant of stealing more than $275,000
over six years.


Washington Archdiocese Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The Archdiocese of Washington says it settled a lawsuit with a man who says he was sexually abused as a teenager by a former priest and a seminarian at a D.C. church.


Shriver apologizes for breaking cell phone law

California First Lady Maria Shriver says she's sorry for breaking a state law that requires drivers to use a hands-free device while talking on their cell phone.


Funeral director charged with stealing

Connecticut authorities have arrested the owner of an East Hartford funeral home on allegations he stole money and other valuables from dead people's homes.


South Florida contractor in court on public corruption probe

A South Florida contractor accused of helping pay bribes in the sweeping public corruption probe in Broward County, appeared in court Wednesday and waived his right to a grand jury indictment.


Palm Beach County middle school teacher got second chance after harassment complaint; now faces firing for shoplifting arrest, porn viewing

More than two years after a former Don Estridge Middle School teacher was accused of inappropriately touching students on the behind, calling them late at night and generally lacking acceptable boundaries, the Palm Beach County school board is moving to fire him.


1,200 DWI convictions tossed in Harris County

More than 1,200 driving while intoxicated convictions in Harris County are invalid after a contractor was convicted of faking inspections of alcohol breath testing devices, prosecutors said.


Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price resigns

Price made the announcement at a news conference at City Hall, ending a political career that seemed headed on a fast track to the parish presidency before disintegrating into a morass of out-of-control credit card spending, vacations on city contractors' dimes and near-arrests for drinking and driving.


Congress set to act to keep abuse photos hidden

Congress is set to allow the Pentagon to keep new pictures of foreign detainees abused by their U.S. captors from the public, a move intended to end a legal fight over the photographs' release that has reached the Supreme Court.


Officials get suite deal

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has accepted $7,800 worth of free tickets to the Macy's Music Festival at Paul Brown Stadium over the past four years.


Pastor accused of natural gas theft

A local pastor is in trouble with the law, after police say he found a way to avoid paying thousands of dollars for public utilities.


Southland burial leads regulators to unlicensed funeral practices

She told WLS-TV (Channel 7) that when she arrived at the cemetery in June for her daughter's burial the casket was left on the side of a road within the property. She further told the station that no burial plot had been dug and after a brief service there she remained in the dark on her daughter's final resting place.


Judge denies motions to dismiss charges against Holton

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge Thursday morning ruled that the campaign finance charges against City Councilwoman Helen L. Holton should stand, meaning her trial will go forward on Dec. 7.


Lester admits evading state taxes

Former Sweden Supervisor Nat O. "Buddy" Lester, one of six Rochester- area lawyers charged last spring with evading taxes, admitted Friday that he didn't pay state income taxes for 2007.


Four Logan firefighters face arson charges

Six people, including four volunteer firefighters in Logan County, face arson charges.

Deputy Fire Marshal Reed Cook says the four adults and two juveniles are accused of setting fires last spring primarily in vacant houses in the Buffalo Creek area.


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