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Block resigns from post, admits drug use

State regulatory commissioner Jerome D. Block Jr. pleaded guilty Wednesday to two felonies and agreed to resign from office.


Provo City councilman resigns position amid ethics investigations

Turley said he was innocent and was not abusing his role as city councilman. However, the Utah County Attorney's Office came back with 10 second-degree felonies against him, saying he engaged in a course of conduct to defraud others, or "to obtain money, property, or other items by false means."


IG probe subject wins Ward 5 post

Robert Vinson Brannum, accused of using a debit card to spend funds as head of the Fifth District Citizens' Advisory Council and obstructing efforts to determine how the funds were spent, won handily over the incumbent chairman.


Priest Accused of Fathering Child with Married Woman

The victim says he's furious that the local diocese has decided to allow the priest to keep preaching at his Independence parish.


Jury selection begins in bribery trial of state Sen. Currie

Currie and his two co-defendants — William J. White and R. Kevin Small, respectively the former president and vice president of Shoppers Maryland division — are accused of using a public-relations consulting contract with the Prince George's County senator to hide a $245,000 bribery scheme that bought legislative favors beneficial to the food chain.


Wood River wants return of money from bank

Officials are determined to get their money back from a banking error that sent $100,000 to an out-of-state account and also triggered the downfall of a city employee who was allegedly caught embezzling funds.


Prosecutors: John Edwards Motions To Dismiss Case Is Meritless

Edwards is accused of using about $1 million in undisclosed payments from campaign donors to cover up an affair during his 2008 run for the White House.


Md. lawmaker indicted on theft charges

A Maryland state delegate was charged Friday with using campaign funds to pay for wedding expenses and for the salary of an employee at her law firm.


County workers fired after housing audit

Two leaders involved with a housing program aimed at fixing up foreclosed homes were fired after an audit proved contractors were allowed to bill for work- not completed.


Department of Public Works under investigation

According to the mayor's office, the investigation is addressing accusations of over-payments to vendors, tampering with purchase orders and potential favoritism in the selection of contractors.


Arrested RI rep. won't resign, will run again

Gordon spent the weekend in prison after police arrested him Friday on charges stemming from a 2008 police chase in Massachusetts.


AG Coakley Announces Indictments In Probation Probe

Former Massachusetts Probation Commissioner John O’Brien and the chief of staff to former state Treasurer Timothy Cahill have been charged with conspiring to set up a campaign fundraiser for Cahill in exchange for landing a job for O’Brien’s wife at the state Lottery.


Postal employee pleads guilty in connection with mail theft

A Hyattsville woman working as a postal service mail processor pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday to a charge stemming from the theft of 900 pieces of mail that was addressed to charities and contained cash and checks worth $9,000.


Former director of Bunnell abuse shelter charged with fraud

An investigation by the State Attorney's Office found Kindt bilked more than $50,000 from Family Life Center, which provides emergency shelter in Flagler County to victims of domestic and sexual violence, according to a news release.


Problems with dog rescue occupying Vick's former house in Surry

For members of the rescue group Dogs Deserve Better, moving into the Bad Newz Kennels property was supposed to signify a new beginning.


Board suspends Sal DiMasi’s $60K pension

Convicted former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s $60,000 a year pension was suspended this morning by the state Retirement Board, which will also decide whether the soon-to-be-imprisoned ex-pol should lose his retirement benefits for life.


Undocumented immigrant and federal fugitive costs taxpayers $350,000 at Miami-Dade hospitals

In 26 visits to the Jackson Health System from 2003 through 2010, his care cost $201,716 — $155,334 in charity care paid by Miami-Dade taxpayers and $46,382 paid by Medicaid, the state-federal program for the poor.

The man also ran up $163,734 in bills from other healthcare providers that were paid by Medicaid.


Letter Carrier Facing New Mail Theft Charges

A mail carrier has been arrested for a second time, charged with stealing gift cards from North Branford residents' mail.


2 Arrested In Jackson Hospital 'Ghost Employee' Scam

Two people have been arrested and a third is expected to surrender in connection with a "ghost employee" payroll scam that cost Jackson Memorial Hospital $83,000, prosecutors said Wednesday.


Rawlings-Blake, husband collected homestead tax breaks on two properties

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her husband collected homestead tax credits on two separate properties before she became mayor of Baltimore, in violation of a state rule that prohibits married couples from claiming the break on more than one residence, according to property records, tax bills and state regulations.


Highwood mayor faces drunk-driving charge

Highwood Mayor Charlie Pecaro was charged with driving under the influence early Sunday in north suburban Highland Park, about a half mile from his home, Pioneer Press is reporting.


Reno's Workers Comp Fund Empty

Despite automatic employee payroll contributions, the City of Reno worker’s compensation fund is completely empty.


Probation for ex-clerk charged in immigration case

The former clerk for Green Forest has been sentenced to three years' probation and fined $5,000 after pleading guilty to a charge that she hired illegal immigrants at her uniform service company.


Arundel councilman pleads guilty to federal tax charge

Assistant U.S Attorney Gregory Bockin said in court that Jones failed to file both his personal and corporate tax returns for five years — from 2002 to 2007. Under a plea agreement, Jones will pay back the loss to the government pegged at $108,369.57.


District Says Grant Money from HIV/AIDS Programs Used to Renovate Nightclub

The D.C. Attorney General filed a case against Miracle Hands, Inc. Tuesday to recover funds that were allegedly improperly diverted from the District’s HIV/AIDS program.


9/11 charity in Arizona has nothing to show for thousands of dollars it took from you

The founder of the charity, Kevin Held, moved into a $660,000 lakefront home in Chandler last May, but he is already moving out, coincidentally on the same day the Associated Press broke the story that he raised $713,000 for a massive 9/11 quilt and has practically nothing to show for it.


Internal Affairs: A $26 pay cut for board members at the Golden Spigot? Sorry, the flow's still going

The board's old guard killed the pay cut by a 4-3 vote, even though board pay has increased 27 percent since 2006. In addition, board members have famously charged the public for "meetings" that include interviews with reporters, appearances at community festivals and even charity softball games.


Shield of secrecy shows cracks

California lawmakers have operated under a shield of secrecy that has allowed them to avoid releasing basic information about how they do the people's business, including how much they spend on office staff, where they fly at taxpayers' expense and how they spend their time outside legislative sessions.


Judge upholds Barry Bonds' conviction

A federal judge on Friday rejected former San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds' effort to set aside his conviction for obstructing justice, drawing him closer to adding a felony rap to his legacy alongside his home run records.


Ex-NJ Sen. Bryant loses appeal on bribery and fraud charges

Bryant was accused of using a low-work job at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey to boost his pension. In return, he steered state money to the school.


Harford child psychologist pleads guilty to abusing 3 girls

A Harford County child psychologist pleaded guilty Monday to child abuse and sexual assault of three young girls he had been treating at his Fallston office.


Report: ‘Clear evidence’ Gray administration engaged in cronyism

There is “clear evidence” that Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration engaged in cronyism, paid excessive salaries above legal caps and illegally hired the children of senior officials, according to a council committee’s draft report.


College chancellor resigns after scandalous photos

The chancellor of a Northern Virginia for-profit college recently raided by federal immigration authorities has resigned, after pictures of him posted on an S & M website were unearthed by and picked up by The Daily Mail.


Pa. auditor: Waste and fraud still plague home-energy aid program

The latest audit found: Applicants were inappropriately approved for benefits; they used multiple Social Security numbers to receive multiple payments; they filed more than one application with the same Social Security number to receive multiple payments; they used Social Security numbers of the dead; and they under-reported their income to be eligible without appropriate checks being conducted by DPW.


Boise pharmacist's $358K deal at veterans home is excessive, Idaho auditors say

Jan Poreba, the private pharmacist with the veterans home contract, has used this arrangement with Idaho to take in an average $14,884 every month — on top of a separate, $15,000 monthly fee that pushed the state's payments to him to $358,619 in the 2010 fiscal year.


Annapolis firefighters' roadside fundraiser was illegal

A 2007 ban on panhandling makes it illegal to solicit money from motorists in Anne Arundel County - regardless of who is doing the soliciting.


Social Security wrongly declares 14,000 people dead each year

While these errors occur online, in the depths of the administration's database, they have a very real impact on the people who have effectively been declared dead.


DA's 2008 memo raised red flags over city parking deals

A criminal investigation into parking meter thefts three years ago raises new questions about why the city didn't take action sooner.


Gym owner charged: Naughty Business of the Week

The owner of an Essex gym has been charged with collecting prohibited fees and misleading customers about their cancellation rights, according to the Maryland Attorney General's office.


Firefighter charged with arson in Jefferson County

An 18-year-old volunteer firefighter in Jefferson County has been charged with setting fire to a vacant house and has been implicated in several other fires in his area.


Montco pastor charged with indecent exposure

A Methodist pastor faces charges related to accusations that he exposed himself to two women, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.


Federal agents raid Portland parking offices in public corruption investigation of parking manager

About a dozen federal agents raided the downtown office of Portland's parking manager this morning and served a grand jury subpoena for city transportation records amid an intensifying public corruption investigation.


Accused Pedophile Priest Appeals Diocese Bankruptcy Plan

The diocese's bankruptcy plan is based on a $77 million settlement with nearly 150 alleged victims of child sexual abuse.


Assistant Coroner Swoboda Charged with Arson

Troopers said Joseph Swoboda tried to hire someone to torch a property he owns in order to collect the insurance money.


NM among last states to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

Some call a license the key to the kingdom. It enables the holder to board airplanes, enter secure government buildings and drive anywhere in the country.


New Mexico mayor was drunk when he signed deal

Sunland Park, N.M., Mayor Martin Resendiz says he was drunk when he signed nine contracts with a California company that is now suing the city for $1 million.


Firm Dissolves After Giving Pro-Romney PAC $1M

The seven-figure donation from the mysterious company, which was formed and dissolved over four months this year, is raising new questions about secret campaign money flowing to so-called “Super PACs” under new rules established after a landmark Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance law.


University of Northern Virginia chancellor David Lee's sex-slave dungeon

The head of the University of Northern Virginia already has enough trouble to deal with, what with last week's federal raid and the withdrawal of the for-profit college's right to admit foreign students. Today things got much worse, as the news broke that Chancellor David Lee has a sex dungeon in the basement of his suburban home and has been trolling the Internet for women "with slave tendencies."


Anne Arundel Councilman Jones charged with not filing 2005 taxes

The U.S. attorney for Maryland filed charges in District Court in Baltimore yesterday alleging Jones earned about $244,000 in 2005 and “did willfully fail” to file a tax return, a crime that carries up to a year in jail and fines.


Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $100,000 in child support

Freshman U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, a tax-bashing Tea Party champion who sharply lectures President Barack Obama and other Democrats on fiscal responsibility, owes more than $100,000 in child support to his ex-wife and three children, according to documents his ex-wife filed in their divorce case in December.


Trial of Secretary of State Charlie White delayed until September

A judge has delayed the start of Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White's criminal trial on voter fraud and other charges.


20 Metrobus Drivers Fired for Using Cell Phones in 2011

Metro has fired 20 bus drivers for talking on a cell phone while driving since the beginning of the year.


Polk high school booster club president arrested, accused of grand theft

The president of a Polk County high school's booster club has been arrested and accused of stealing more than $11,000 from the club.


4 Firefighters Charged with Setting Blazes

Arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday in the case of four young volunteer firefighters charged with arson.


Hearing set on motion to dismiss bribery charges vs. Sen. Currie

A federal judge will hear arguments on whether to dismiss the remainder of the bribery charges against state Sen. Ulysses Currie, who is accused of using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain.


Gill Pratt found guilty on racketeering charge

She was accused of conspiring with members of the Jefferson political family to loot more than $1 million from sham charities run with taxpayer money.


New Details In Assemblyman’s DUI Stop Released

Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R-San Diego) had a blood-alcohol level of nearly twice the legal limit when bicycle police stopped him in the Capitol garage in June for suspicion of DUI.


Sex Scandal Facing Congressman From Oregon Has California Connection

Congressman David Wu, who earlier this year apologized for bizarre behavior during his most recent re-election campaign, was facing calls for his resignation on Saturday over yet another crisis — a young woman’s reported accusation that she had an “unwanted sexual encounter” with the Democrat three weeks after his election victory in November.


D.C. Council member Thomas settles AG’s lawsuit

D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. has agreed to pay back $300,000 in grant money that he is accused of using for personal golfing trips, hotel stays and a new sport utility vehicle, the Office of the Attorney General said Friday.


FBI: Sterling Heights armored car holdup was an inside job; suspects arrested

They robbed an armored car company and spent thousands of stolen dollars on cars and jewelry and took a cellphone photograph of a bathtub filled with money they flashed to friends before being arrested.


Senator John McGee apologizes, delays dismissal vote

After an impassioned speech asking for forgiveness for his transgressions, Sen. John McGee Tuesday helped block an immediate vote on a resolution for a Canyon County Republican Central Committee group to investigate his DUI.


PG's Leslie Johnson Defiantly Back at Work

Johnson pleaded guilty June 30th to charges of destruction of evidence in the same public corruption scandal engulfing her husband, Jack, the former County Executive.


NJ travel agency owner is arrested; Customers say they paid for vacations they never got

Daryl T. Turner, 39, of Cherry Hill, who operated companies including Dreamworks Vacation Club, Bentley Travel, Modern Destinations Unlimited and La Bonne Vie Travel, could face up to 10 years in state prison if found guilty, authorities said.


P.G. speed camera contract given to firm with questionable citations

Officials chose Optotraffic from several vendors, despite complaints from residents and some officials that the company’s devices have questionable accuracy and are often placed by municipalities in areas where they will catch the most speeders without necessarily improving pedestrian safety.


Air Traffic Controller Failed Alcohol Test

The Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged Tuesday it removed a Colorado air traffic controller from his post earlier this month after he failed an alcohol test.


Steelton postal worker charged with stealing gift cards from mail

A Postal Service worker from Steelton is facing a federal charge that she ripped open mail and stole gift cards.


MTA: Former executive director misused nearly $500,000

The Maine Turnpike Authority says its former executive director misused nearly $500,000 in turnpike funds in the form of gift cards, credit card charges and vacation and sick leave pay he wasn't entitled to.


Calif. Molestation Probe Closes Private Elementary School

The California Department of Social Services shut down the school on Monday after several former and current students made allegations against school owner and principal Robert Adams that dated back 15 years.


Fauquier Co. Assistant Principal Joshua Myers Indicted On Child Pornography Charges

A Fauquier Co. elementary school assistant principal was indicted Thursday on child pornography charges.


Fire Academy Program Suspended Amid Cheating Probe

The I-Team's David Collins said the cheating scandal involves as many as 20 cadets.


Former fire official pleads guilty in P.G. corruption probe

Mr. Granzow, a former lieutenant colonel in the county fire department, admitted in his guilty plea to partnering with county developers for more than 10 years to bribe public officials for development favors related to the Greenbelt Station development project.


Franciscan friar arrested in child abuse case

A 41-year-old friar and former teacher at Baltimore's Archbishop Curley High School was arrested this week in Connecticut and charged with inappropriate conduct with a child, according to police.


Ex-NM Mayor Admits To Gun Smuggling

The former mayor of the New Mexico border town of Columbus has pleaded guilty to federal gun smuggling charges.


Wicomico pastor convicted of having sex with teen

Tonto Sylvester Corbin, the 49-year-old pastor of Jesus Saves House of Prayer and Refuge in Fruitland, entered an Alford plea to third-degree sex offense.


Ed Dept. Looks Into Possible Cheating On Pa. Tests

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is looking into a newly surfaced report indicating possible cheating on state standardized tests.


Owners of repair shop plead guilty in towing scandal

Two owners of Majestic Auto Repair pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to paying up to $1 million in bribes to more than 50 Baltimore police officers who allegedly steered business to the Rosedale shop and falsified crash reports.


U.S. Attorney To Probe Kwame Brown Case

Brown's campaign committee is accused in a complaint of failing to report more than $100,000 in contributions and failing to report or substantiate nearly $350,000 in expenditures.


Nurses charged with bilking taxpayers

Two Chicago women were charged with stealing up to $500,000 in taxpayer funds, marking the first indictments stemming from an ongoing federal investigation of questionable state grants that include several tied to recently retired Sen. Rickey Hendon.


Child Care Worker Charged With Sexual Assault

Leesburg Police arrested and charged a 23-year-old child care employee with sexually assaulting a 4-year-old.


Betty Jefferson helped herself to 4th District office account for years, audit says

Former 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson, who is awaiting sentencing for stealing money from her office and a series of taxpayer-supported charities, may have absconded with more money than federal authorities were able to prove, according to a new state audit.


Secaucus tax collector to be sentenced for stealing $800,000 from town and union

Suspended Secaucus Tax Collector Alan Bartolozzi is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow for stealing nearly $800,000 from town coffers and a municipal union -- and using some of the money to pay a dominatrix, officials said today.


N.J. DOT engineer, accomplice charged with bribery, tried to scam state out of $700K

A state Department of Transportation engineer and an accomplice who tried to jack up the price of a state-funded railroad repair project by more than $700,000, then take $325,000 in kickbacks ...


Local Developer guilty of fraud

The Rockingham County Probate Court determined that James R. Bolduc wrongly took wages from a trust he managed and created a "tangled web of entities" to "borrow money from and submit inappropriate expenditures to" the trust.


Bail bondsmen to be sentenced Friday

Both men pleaded guilty in December, with Tillman Jr. admitting to filing a false tax return, wire fraud and unlawfully engaging in the insurance industry, while Milton Tillman III pleaded guilty to one count of failing to file a tax return.


Problems rampant in mortgage servicing, advocates and regulators say

A growing number of lawsuits, investigations and studies indicate that servicer blunders and outright misconduct are common — and difficult for homeowners to resolve. Borrower advocates and regulators say the system is effectively broken.


Minister gets suspended sentence in sexual assault on parishioner

Roan S. Faulkner, a Pentecostal bishop who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a parishioner after she had come to him for advice on a family matter, was given a suspended 18-month prison sentence Wednesday in Baltimore County Circuit Court.


Johnson’s refusal to step down roils P.G. Council

Johnson pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to commit witness and evidence tampering, after flushing a $100,000 check down a toilet and hiding nearly $80,000 in her bra last November as federal investigators closed in on her husband, then-County Executive Jack B. Johnson, a Democrat.


Leslie Johnson Pleads Guilty

Prince George's County Councilwoman Leslie Johnson has pleaded guilty in federal court to charges connected to the corruption probe that netted her husband, former county executive Jack Johnson.


Ex-South Daytona magistrate to plead guilty today

Jerome Mitchell, former magistrate over code enforcement matters for South Daytona, is expected in federal court in Orlando today to plead guilty to bribery charges stemming from an FBI investigation.


Despite priest's dark past, he was given ample time to find new victims

Early in 2001, a young priest arrived in Southern California after being asked to leave his diocese near Rome.


Blagojevich Convicted On Corruption Charges

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted Monday on 17 of the 20 public corruption charges against him related to his attempt to sell the U.S. Senate seat held by Barack Obama before he resigned to become president.


Brady Bunch mom got crabs in affair with NY mayor

Florence Henderson, the actress who played perky mom Carol Brady in the beloved family sitcom, says she once got crabs after a one-night-stand with career politician John Lindsay, who was the mayor of New York City at the time.


Postal employee charged with stealing money meant for charities

A Hyattsville woman working as a postal service mail processor was indicted in federal court on Friday on charges she stole mail addressed to charities and containing checks worth $9,000.


Wife of ex-PG County Executive to plead guilty

Johnson was arrested in November on obstruction of justice charges after FBI agents said she tried to flush a $100,000 check from a developer down the toilet and stuff cash in her undergarments.


Cheating, tampering found in city schools

Widespread cheating on state assessment tests has been uncovered at two Baltimore elementary schools, state and district officials are expected to announce today.


Fauquier Co. Assistant Principal Charged With Child Porn To Be Released From Jail Under Conditions

A federal magistrate judge ruled on Monday that Joshua Myers, a Fauquier County assistant principal, could be released from jail under certain conditions, but prosecutors are fighting his release citing evidence in a new motion he may have sexually abused a child in San Diego.


Pastor accused of assault has trial continued

The case against a Petersburg pastor accused of assaulting his adult daughter has been continued until January.


Police: Bookkeeper Bilks High School Of $10,000

According to the arrest warrant, Pringle took the money from cookie and ticket sales and that was supposed to be deposited into the school's checking account, but she never deposited the money.


Englewood doctor indicted in plot to kill three people

An Englewood doctor who was charged in April for allegedly trying to kill his wife, lover and former business partner, is now also accused of Medicaid fraud and illegally distributing narcotics.


Former Deal rabbi pleads guilty to operating illegal money remitting business

The former principal rabbi at the Synagogue of Deal snared in a 2009 FBI sting involving embezzler Solomon Dwek working as a confidential informant pleaded guilty to operating an illegal money remitting business that transferred thousands of dollars in checks, authorities said.


Bonita firefighter charged with kidnapping

A Bonita Springs firefighter was arrested on Saturday for allegedly kidnapping and threatening his ex-girlfriend.


City Councilwoman signed doc calling county home

Baltimore City Councilwoman Belinda Conaway, who is suing a blogger for reporting that she didn't live in the city, signed a document "under penalt[y] of perjury" last year certifying that her primary residence was in Baltimore County.


Lawmaker Accused Of Pulling Gun, Free On Bail

State representative Frederick Wintle was charged with criminal threatening and carrying a concealed weapon from the armed confrontation in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot, police said.


Ex-speaker DiMasi guilty of conspiracy, extortion

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi was convicted Wednesday in a scheme to steer two state contracts worth $17.5 million to a software firm in exchange for payments to the powerful lawmaker and two of his close friends.


Fauquier Co. Assistant Principal Caught With Child Pornography

A school administrator in Northern Virginia has been arrested by the FBI on child porn charges.


Weiner Resigns in Wake of Sex Photos Scandal

Seared by scandal, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner announced his resignation from Congress on Thursday, done in by lewd photos he took of himself, sent to women online and then adamantly lied about after being caught.


Porn star says Representative Weiner asked her to lie

A porn star said on Wednesday that embattled Representative Anthony Weiner asked her to lie about their e-mail relationship in the hope that an Internet sex scandal surrounding him would die down.


BMX Coach Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 3 Boys

A BMX coach was arrested for sexually assaulting three young boys and exchanging thousands of child pornography images over the Internet.


POLICE: Pastor re-arrested after victim contacted on Facebook

A 28-year-old social studies teacher, youth pastor and girl's basketball coach at Yearling Middle School already facing charges alleging an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 12-year-old girl was re-arrested when police learned he was contacting the girl on Facebook.


Howell man charged with stealing $32G from Little League

A 50-year-old Howell man has been charged with stealing money from the Howell South Little League between 2008 and 2010.


Pastor gets 1 year prison, 1 year home confinement for immigration, money laundering charges

Samuel Chai Cho Oh, 66, of Garden Grove, pleaded guilty Jan. 13 in federal court in Santa Ana to 10 counts of immigration visa fraud and two counts of money laundering.


No evidence of fraud at charter school, but problems cited

An audit by Richmond Public Schools finds no evidence of fraud but plenty of mismanagement of funds collected for student meals and activities at Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts.


Principal at Johnson Middle School Removed From Post

One mother accused the principal of punching her daughter in the face back in March after the student refused to turn over a cell phone. The second mother accused the same principal of injuring her daughter in May by grabbing her after a spat in the cafeteria.


Mail Carrier Accused Of Stealing Customers' Mail

A Palm Springs mail carrier is being investigated for allegedly stealing customers' mail, an agent with the U.S Postal Service's Office of Inspector General confirmed today.


D.C. sues council member Thomas; federal case filed

The District government Monday filed a $1 million civil lawsuit against D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr., accusing the Ward 5 Democrat of using grant money and charitable donations for personal golfing trips, hotel stays and a new sport utility vehicle.


Rep. Weiner Admits To Sending Lewd Tweet

After days of denials, a choked-up New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed Monday that he tweeted a bulging-underpants photo of himself to a young woman and admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women before and after getting married.


Animal Control Officer Accused of Aggression at Dog Park

Canine camaraderie at the Reston, Va., dog park came to a halt Thursday morning when an animal control officer used extremely aggressive behavior toward the dogs, according to their owners.


Helicopter flight for Gov. Christie costs $2,500 an hour

New Jersey State Police officials say it costs $2,500 an hour to fly in their helicopter, but that ferrying Governor Christie to his son's high school baseball game didn't cost taxpayers anything extra.


Former Official At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Charged With Embezzlement

A former top ranking official at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is being charged with embezzling $1.7 million over the course of 12 years.


Rabbi gets probation in NJ corruption case

The spiritual leader for the Syrian Jewish community in the United States will not be going to prison for his role in a money-laundering scheme.


Pulaski town councilman faces charge of driving under influence

A Pulaski town councilman and teacher was charged with driving under the influence Saturday night after someone called police to report a person slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle.


Aquatic club official guilty in $728,000 theft scheme

Over just five years, he stole more than $728,000 to fund private business ventures and keep his family in the lifestyle they had come to expect ...


Two Firefighters Charged With Sex Crimes

For the second time in a month, a volunteer firefighter at the Chancellor Volunteer Fire Department in Fredericksburg is charged with sex crimes against a juvenile.


Bishop Eddie Long Reaches Settlement In Sex Abuse Case

Bishop Eddie Long reached a settlement with four men who accused him of sexual abuse, an attorney for the men told Channel 2 Action News on Thursday.


Ex-IRS agent gets 3 years for filing false returns

An ex-Internal Revenue Service agent was sentenced Wednesday to three years behind bars for filing false tax returns for himself and some of his relatives that claimed, among other things, bogus deductions for alimony and mortgage payments.


UPDATE: 4 Richmond employees plead in fraudulent overtime case

Four of nine city of Richmond employees facing criminal charges over fraudulent overtime claims entered pleas today in Richmond General District Court.


IMF Head Resigns To Fight Sex Assault Charges

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the embattled managing director of International Monetary Fund, resigned Wednesday, saying he wanted to devote "all his energy" to battle the sexual assault charges he faces in New York.


DELAWARE: Pastor convicted in mortgage fraud

A pastor accused of operating one of the largest mortgage rescue fraud operations ever uncovered in Delaware was convicted of two felony theft counts and three misdemeanors -- including falsifying business records and tax evasion -- by a Superior Court jury on Tuesday.


Ex-P.G. executive guilty on 2 of 8 counts

Former Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson pleaded guilty Tuesday to one charge of extortion and another for witness and evidence tampering during a hearing in federal court in Greenbelt.


Former public official sentenced for mortgage fraud

Once a North Hills leader, attorney Daniel Sporrer slid into the business of mortgage fraud, and now he is going to prison.


Colorado lawmaker not indicted in fatal crash

A Texas district attorney says a Colorado lawmaker involved in a fatal crash will not face charges in connection with the December accident in the Panhandle.


Petersburg pastor charged in domestic incident

A senior Petersburg pastor has been charged with assaulting his adult daughter last week during a domestic dispute that turned physical at the family’s Chesterfield County home.


Schwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, separated after she learned he had fathered a child more than a decade ago — before his first run for office — with a longtime member of their household staff.


Former RI councilman sentenced to nearly 6 years

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a former North Providence town councilman to just less than six years in prison after he and two other former councilmen pleaded guilty to taking part in a bribery scheme.


IMF chief jailed without bail in NYC sex case

Haggard and unshaven after a weekend in jail, the chief of the International Monetary Fund was denied release on bail Monday on charges of trying to rape a hotel maid as allegations of other, similar attacks by Dominique Strauss-Kahn began to spill out.


Pentecostal bishop pleads guilty to assaulting female congregant

Roan S. Faulkner, bishop of a Pentecostal church in Catonsville, pleaded guilty Tuesday to assaulting a 43-year-old congregant last year after she went to him for advice on a family matter.


Lee court official resigns following sexual harassment accusation

Ken Kellum, operations director for the 20th Circuit Court in Fort Myers, has resigned effective today after an investigation found he sexually harassed one of his employees.


Former Virginia Del. Phil Hamilton found guilty of extortion, bribery

Former state lawmaker Phil Hamilton was found guilty of bribery and extortion Wednesday in U.S. District Court, capping a remarkable fall for a man who had been one of the most influential legislators in Hampton Roads.


Waynesboro Borough Council president charged with malicious wounding in Martinsburg bar fight

The Waynesboro, Pa., Borough Council president has been charged with malicious wounding in connection with the beating of another man in a Martinsburg, W.Va., bar, the Martinsburg Police Department said Monday.


DPW superintendent, employee charged with theft

The borough's superintendent of public works and an employee of the DPW have been charged with fourth degree theft after allegedly stripping auto parts from a borough vehicle and put them on the employee's vehicle.


Judge refuses to acquit Hamilton of bribery and extortion

He is accused of arranging funding for a teacher training center at Old Dominion University in exchange for a job as its director.


Trenton mayor's aide resigns after arrest

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack's chief of staff has resigned, days after his arrest on assault and drug charges.


State says Canyons District filed 'false report' of test scores

State education officials are accusing the Canyons School District of filing a "false report" of reading test results.


Va. Woman Pleads No Contest To PTA Embezzlement

A former PTA treasurer faces up to 120 years in prison after pleading no contest to embezzling and forgery charges.


Former Daly City councilwoman gets six months in jail for fraud

Prosecutors dropped 14 other charges as part of the plea bargain.


DPS exec faces up to 9 years over $3-million kickback scandal

Stephen Hill, a former Detroit Public Schools executive, is facing up to 9 years in prison after pleading guilty today to his role in a scheme that looted more than $3 million from the cash-strapped district.


How Could a Teacher Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 5 Students Keep Getting Hired?

A former D.C. Public School teacher is being accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with at least five students in three different school districts over 33 years.


Former United Way employee indicted on fraud charges

A federal grand jury on Thursday indicted a former United Way of Central Maryland employee on charges that she bilked the nonprofit out of more than $400,000 by steering deposits to a bank account she had allegedly commandeered.


Former housing authority director sentenced in bribery case

The former executive director of the Havre de Grace housing authority was sentenced Monday to serve six months in a halfway house and fined $1,200 for taking kickbacks from contractors to replace kitchen faucets in a residential complex.


Bank Manager Accused of Embezzling

52-year-old Rebecca Parra Cerna is accused of taking more than $178,000 in cash from the bank, in addition to creating about $500,000 in fraudulent transactions to cover up the theft starting in 2008.


Actor arrested after squabble in the Quarter

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage squared off with New Orleans police for the second time in six weeks when he was arrested late Friday night in a domestic squabble.


Utah Bank Exec Arrested In Internet Poker Gambling Scheme

A lawyer for a Utah bank says one of its executives arrested in a federal prosecution of the three biggest Internet poker companies had no authority to make deals for the bank.


Former Mandeville Mayor Expected Before Grand Jury On Thursday

Former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price is expected to appear before a federal grand jury on Thursday as part of an expanding probe of his administration ...


City housing officials owe $10k in unpaid parking tickets

Last month, about 90 vehicles owned and operated by the D.C. Department of Public Works have racked up nearly a combined $30,000 in unpaid parking tickets.


Air controller suspended after falling asleep, forcing plane to land in Reno, Nev., without help

The suspension is the second this month for the FAA, which has investigated at least five lapses this year in airports around the country — four involving controllers falling asleep on the job.


Ex-Pineville church youth leader faces 49 new charges of aggravated rape

New sex charges have been filed against a 28-year-old Pineville man who was a youth leader at a Pineville church and who could face the death penalty.


City Employees Are Racking Up Parking Tickets

Employees of D.C. government are accumulating thousands of dollars in parking tickets, and for many agencies, there is no system in place to track who they are.


Official improperly got contracts, ethics panel rules

The State Ethics Commission today released a ruling that a Washington County supervisor violated ethics laws by using his elected position to steer construction contracts to a business he owned.


GOP lawmaker resigns after second driving arrest

Just hours after police charged him with driving after suspension, failure to obey traffic control devices and speeding, Republican state Rep. Gary Wheaton sent a letter Tuesday to state officials announcing his resignation from the House of Representatives.


Judge: Alexandria Teacher "Crossed the Line"

According to special agent Coleman steered investigators to child pornography caches in his home, admitted his preference for "girls ages 7-11", and told agents "he videotaped a three year [old] child touching his penis."


Former Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega Jr. sentenced to 30 months in federal prison

Vega pleaded guilty last fall to accepting money from a government informant posing as a crooked developer and faced up to three years in prison.


Taxpayers Picking Up Tab on Alvarez's BMW

The 2010 BMW 550i the county leased for former mayor Carlos Alvarez is costing $23,899.40 ...


Officials: FEMA Employee Stole $149K

The complaint says she processed 26 fraudulent payments worth more than $149,000 and deposited them to bank accounts she controlled.


Former Agriculture official sentenced for sex abuse

Mr. Buchanan, a former agency director of Civil Rights and Community Outreach, admitted that on multiple occasions from January 2010 to January 2011, he sexually assaulted an employee under his direct supervision.


School employees accused of tampering with SOL tests

Two Richmond Public School employees are accused of tampering with Standard of Learning tests otherwise called SOLs.


Former D.C. firefighter sentenced for CPR training scam

A former D.C. firefighter was sentenced to seven days in jail on Wednesday for fraudulently obtaining $3,610 in payments for government-run CPR training.


Baltimore housing authority says it won't pay millions in lead poisoning judgments

The authority is refusing to make good on any of nine court judgments totaling nearly $12 million, even though in some cases it agreed to the dollar amount or lost an appeal.


Trial Begins For Mortgage Exec Accused Of $2B Scheme

Roughly 2,000 Taylor Bean employees lost their jobs when the company collapsed in 2009. The collapse also helped take down Alabama-based Colonial Bank -- the sixth-largest bank failure in U.S. history.


Former Bell City Manager Indicted on New Charges

The case involves new charges of misappropriating public funds, conflict of interest, falsifying public documents and secreting public documents.


More than a dozen city workers arrested, charged with drinking, gambling on duty

Baltimore authorities broke up what they described as a regular "payday" gambling game involving more than a dozen city transportation workers who police said were arrested Friday after being caught drinking champagne and playing dice in a city office.


Additional Charges Filed Against Professional Clown Suspect in Child Rape

The Orange County District Attorney's Office filed additional charges Monday against a professional clown who is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in 2002.


Title company owner sentenced in fraud

The owner of a Towson title agency was sentenced to more than six years in federal prison for defrauding lenders out of $3.9 million in eight months, the Maryland U.S. attorney's office announced Friday.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry Fined $1,500 by Ethics Commission

According to the Ethics Commission, the total undisclosed income from 2009 and 2010 was between $7,000 and $29,995.


Spector bills city $1,155 for trip to neighboring D.C.

Baltimore City Councilwoman Rochelle "Rikki" Spector billed the city $1,155 to attend a three-day conference less than an hour away in Washington, D.C., earlier this month.


School Bus Driver Sentenced for DUI

A woman who admitted driving a school bus while under the influence will not spend any time in jail.


Former Vancouver church youth volunteer faces child molestation charges

Court documents outline the case against Wolk, charging on multiple occasions between June and December 2010 Wolk touched the boys during mentoring and individual prayer sessions.


Wood Dale mayor skipped personal insurance payments

Month after month, Johnson failed to pay Wood Dale for his health insurance, a practice the city manager and attorney allowed to occur without informing the City Council.


San Jose: Tax preparer accused of defrauding clients, stealing their refunds

Anthony Vo, 40, who owned and operated Anthony's Accounting & Tax Services in San Jose, is facing 12 counts of wire fraud, 12 counts of preparing false tax returns on behalf of his clients and four counts of filing his own false individual tax returns, according to the Justice Department.


Mortgage Exec Pleads To Billion-Dollar Conspiracy

The former president of what had been one of the nation's largest mortgage providers has pleaded guilty to a billion-dollar fraud conspiracy that toppled not only his company but also an Alabama bank.


Ex-PG County exec's wife seeks court hearing delay

The wife of former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson is seeking to delay a court hearing in her corruption case, saying she needs more time to prepare.


Pastor, associate admit conspiracy to make fake green cards

A San Antonio pastor and an accomplice admitted Thursday to a conspiracy to make and distribute fake “green cards.”


Columbus, NM Mayor, Police Chief Detained On Drugs, Weapons Allegations

The mayor and police chief of the Village of Columbus, N.M., were among city officials detained Thursday morning on allegations of firearms violations and drug trafficking, according to Luna County Sheriff Raymond Cobos.


SEC workers viewing porn at work disciplined

The OIG report says many were senior-level employees.


Fruitland pastor charged in teen sex abuse

The pastor of a Fruitland church was charged by police after a teenage girl accused him of sexual abuse, according to court documents.


Principal admits to stealing watches

A local high school principal who admitted to stealing watches from a Kohl's store was sentenced to probation on Tuesday.


21 Pa. priests named in sex report are suspended

The Philadelphia archdiocese suspended 21 Roman Catholic priests Tuesday who were named as child molestation suspects in a scathing grand jury report released last month.


Bankruptcy trustee Marika Tolz charged with fraud

Tolz stands accused of misappropriating at least $16 million in several court cases, resulting in about $2.4 million in losses to parties in the cases.


Teacher Kevin Ricks Faces 25 Years After Admitting Molestation, Child Pornography

A former teacher is facing a 25-year prison sentence after admitting to a decades-long pattern of molesting teenage boys in the United States and Japan.


Jail time for Rev. Sarah Samuelson of North Muskegon for hosting teen drinking party

The Rev. Sarah Jane Samuelson halted her trial Wednesday by pleading guilty as charged to contributing to the delinquency of a minor and allowing consumption of alcohol by minors on her premises.


San Jose: Two accused of embezzling $50,000 from Trace school

Two women are accused of embezzling more than $50,000 from the parent-teacher organization of the San Jose elementary school that suffered a massive arson fire last year.


Pizzeria owner charged with letting mice go in competitors' shops

Nikolas Galiatsatos, the owner of Nina's Bella Pizzeria in Upper Darby, was spotted by two police officers who were eating lunch at rival Verona Pizza Monday afternoon as he entered the bathroom with a bag, then left without it.


Anti-gay pastor booked with obscenity

The Rev. Grant Storms, the Christian fundamentalist known for his bullhorn protests of the Southern Decadence festival in the French Quarter, was arrested on a charge of masturbating at a Metairie park Friday afternoon.


Marion Barry's Car Booted Over Unpaid Tickets

Just after 1 p.m. Tuesday, FOX 5 found D.C. Council Member Marion Barry's silver Jaguar parked outside his home in southeast D.C. with a bright orange boot on the left front tire.


Suspended Miami commissioner's trial starting

Prosecutors say that in March 2006, she shook down megadeveloper Armando Codina, asking for an illegal $25,000 "donation" while he was awaiting a commission vote on an issue relating to a lucrative downtown development deal.


State Sen. Bundgaard involved in domestic violence incident

Scott Bundgaard, the majority leader of the Arizona state Senate, was briefly taken into custody on suspicion of domestic violence Friday but was released because he was immune to arrest under rules of the Arizona state Constitution.


4 charged in RI corruption agree to plead guilty

Three former North Providence town councilmen and a businessman agreed on Wednesday to plead guilty to corruption charges in several schemes that included soliciting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes to approve zoning changes.


Phill Kline faces ethics hearing over his anti-abortion efforts

Phill Kline returns to Kansas today to answer allegations that he misled judges and mishandled evidence in his dogged pursuit of abortion clinics.


Mug shots of the rich and infamous


Another Guilty Plea In N.O. Corruption Case

The Times-Picayune reports Dwaine Hodges was charged with conspiracy to commit bribery.


Metro Detroit Medicare providers charged in fraud case

Twenty-one medical providers from Metro Detroit and Florida were charged Thursday in federal court with billing Medicare for fraudulent charges.


West Virginia Priest Sentenced on Molestation of Northern Virginia Girl

Before his arrest in July, Owino served as an associate pastor at a Roman Catholic church in Weirton, W.Va. He also taught at Wheeling Jesuit University the past two years.


Frankfort City Commissioner Arrested On DUI Charge

A city commissioner who also serves as Mayor Pro Tem in Frankfort has been charged with DUI after traffic stop.


Ex-CSN official gets prison for theft

A former College of Southern Nevada construction chief is going to prison for one to four years for stealing school materials and equipment to build a luxury mountain home northwest of Las Vegas.


Former Prince George's executive faces new U.S. charges

Former Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson accepted more than $200,000 in bribes and played a central role in a broad corruption conspiracy ...


Suspended New Holstein administrator Christopher Nelson had child porn in office, flash drives

Christopher Nelson, the suspended New Holstein School District administrator, was charged Thursday with five counts of possession of child pornography for images found on a flash drive in his district office.


1st-Grade Teacher Charged With Choking Students

A Washington-area teacher has been charged with choking and hitting her students.


RI company accused in kickback scheme

A Navy contractor and a civilian naval employee accused of taking part in a kickback and bribery scheme worth millions of dollars are facing federal charges, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Rhode Island said Tuesday.


Bell corruption hearings set to begin Monday

Preliminary hearings for eight current and former Bell city officials charged with corruption, including misappropriating more than $5.5 million, are expected to begin Monday.